Educational websites for kids?

Hi, I was just wondering what kind of websites you all use when you need to find something to fill the time with your students. I have very young students and, although I do use some websites, I don’t have any particular sites I can always turn to. I am looking for sites that have good coloring sheets that are educational at the same time, maybe some good word searches, and perhaps some decent phonics pages for practice for the kids. Thanks to any suggestions on what you may use. has nice phonics flash game and loads of other stuff.

English Banana has loads of bits and pieces. Kids love the ‘Fowl Words’ game, but might be difficult for really young ones.

Also, try the British Council site and Bogglesworld.

Here are a few sites I use with my own kids. I’m not sure if this is what you are looking for, but I hope you can find something useful.
(scroll down a little on this page, there are lots of free worksheets, even though it doesn’t look like it)
This is a list of many other sites

Shouldn’t this type of information be on a sticky of some sort in the “Teaching English in Taiwan” forum?