EEC Business Seminar

Hi All,

On March 5 we had a business seminar and it was a huge success and I want to thank everyone for coming, all 120 of you! I was amazed by how many people runs or wants to start a business.

So we are doing it again on June 25 at 13:15.

This time we have two entrepreneurs giving you their experience:

  1. Ola Kronkvist worked around the clock getting his Swedish restaurant open and it is inspirational to hear how he has labored over each detail like decoration, food quality, inventory system and marketing (he has also promised to bring Swedish Apple Cake for everyone!).
  2. Mike DePrenda is a remarkable sales person who used to sell advertising for Tom’s Hardware Guide and now has invested his time and money in two shops selling upscale luggage from Germany.

Then we have three main speakers:

  1. John Liao is the Managing Director of the Business Incubation Center at Chinese Cultural University. He will talk about resources available to start-ups in Taiwan.
  2. Tsering Namgyal has long experience working in the finance industry and will be speaking about raising money and what kind of questions potential investors will ask.
  3. Francis Morris will talk about how to set up a website that actually solves business problems and enhances the ability of a business to handle tasks like marketing and customer service.

Last but not least; many people said the best with the last seminar was to meet other entrepreneurs and share experiences. So to facilitate that we have some great food and refreshments for the break and all people who buys tickets to the Enspyre Entrepreneurial Challenge also gets a free complimentary ticket to the Canada D’eh Beach Party. You can step out of the seminar and go right out to the beach by MRT and chartered buses for a night of fun.

Please see more info. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact Enspyre at 02-8712-1721.

Take care,