Effect of children's names

Bonus: stupid parents giving their kids stupid names that will handicap them forever.


Sounds pretty normal to me man :slight_smile: You’re not American, are you :slight_smile:

Oh, it’s about the same in the UK. Any kid with some bizarre made-up name is guaranteed to have (a) parents with a lukewarm IQ and (b) a future asking “would you like fries with that?”

It’s sad, but people do judge you on your name. Kids called LaShanae or Jayzon have shittier lives than kids from the same backgrounds called Lucy or John.

This is pretty unnecessarily pointed toward poor black people’s naming conventions. Let’s not leave out all the white trash who name their kids Bracelynn and Loften and Ikea.

Why do you assume those names are “black” names?

Yes, white trash also give their kids stupid names with equal frequency. Those were just a couple of random examples that popped into my head. I didn’t associate any particular skin colour with them.

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For example ?



What??? :rofl:

A bad name is a bad name. That’s clearly the point.

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I met at least one Taiwanese person called Loften and one named Ikea. Now Bracelynn is classic white trash!

Do we have a ‘stupid names’ thread? There’s a guy works at Taoyuan airport whose parents had a particularly off-the-wall flash of inspiration. According to his nametag, he’s called ‘Uranus’. It’s such a pity he wasn’t on the EVA crew when that fat American guy needed … assistance.


And this is based upon what data now? Lebron and Beyonce seem to doing fine. :idunno:


I could go off on a rant about statistics and the nature of proof, but instead I’ll give you this:


which just happened to be at the top of my Google results.

“Freakonomics” isn’t an authoritative source, of course, but this chapter does have some references in it.

Yes, if you’re uniquely talented and a generational talent (in LeBron’s case, at least) it doesn’t matter what you are named. However, the research on people’s perceptions of names stands though such outliers generally shift ideals in a generation or so.

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Yeah, that data is quite old.

I think it might be more of people don’t live or work or run in circles with people with what…Black names? I may have thought similarly 5 years ago…now not so much.

I checked it out. It’s 2005, which wasn’t that long ago. Unless you can prove its findings are no longer valid by providing a newer study, I’m inclined to believe it.

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Meh. I was stating a fact and then gave a personal anecdote. I have no desire to disincline you of anything.

So your believe people are no longer judged on their names? That’s based on what data now?

What facts? That two out of 15,000,000 people will silly names beat the odds?

A personal anecdote is of more value than actual research?

I mean, you can believe whatever you like. But it does bother me that otherwise intelligent people are OK with this sort of logic.

People born in 2005 can drive now.

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