Effing bloody rainboots!

I’m putting this here rather than in “Where Can I Find” because the vroom vroom guys are cooler than those “Find” guys.

Would SOMEBODY for the love of sweet fuck please point me to a Taipei bike or accessory shop that sells rain overboots other than those CRAPPY, SHITTY blue Taiwanese ones that come apart after three or four wears?
I used to have quite nice ones that were made of thick backpack-like material with velcro instead of zippers, and they served me well.
I haven’t seen them for ages, though – all I can find now are the aforementioned Taiwanese shite. My newest pair ripped all the way up one side today. Second time on. A fucking record.

Any help would be soundly appreciated.

Sandman… repeat after me… “Oooooooo Saaaaaaahhhh”

OK… now… remember… your cat came back, so life is good.

Right then… good luck finding those over-boot thingies. :smiley:

I was going to tell you but you didn’t say please.
Manners don’t cost anything you know…

Please. Pretty please with chocolate sprinkles. I’m on my bleedin’ KNEES here Matthew!

No, bugger off. :wink:

(I don’t know anyway)

Have you considered ordering some online and shipping them to Taiwan? :google:

webbikeworld.com/Reviewed-mo … cts/treds/

Poor san :frowning:

See, this is what you get in the boys’ forum, dear.

If you would have come and asked this question in the women’s forum, for instance, your frustration would have been answered with genuine compassion, a cup of tea (real English with milk) and would have no doubt received some helpful advice to go with it.

[quote=“Dragonbones”]Have you considered ordering some online and shipping them to Taiwan? :google:

webbikeworld.com/Reviewed-mo … cts/treds/
Well, I was hoping to pick 'em up on my way home this evening, but I suppose it’ll have to be online if all else fails.

As with all things bike related big bike shops are the best places to go. I have some very durable one’s with hard plastic bits on them for shifting gears and everything. They were given to me for free from a bike shop owner in Tao-Yuan.

I’m sure a big bike shop will have what you need. I’d also reccomend the SBK pants and jacket rain gear…costs about 6,000nt but much better than the green and blue ones most people wear. Plus they look so cool no one believes it’s rain gear…honestly.

P.S. I’m a vroom guy…am I cool too?

Miss your Wellies do ya?

Try the Farmers Market or Feed Store.
Maybe they have some muckers.

Serious? I’ll check my local one out tonight then as it’s on my way home. Plus it’ll give me a chance to ogle the 1500cc 2006 Kwak Vulcan they have in right now. I actually haven’t been there because I (probably stupidly) assumed that they’d only be stocking proper mc boots, which wouldn’t suit my needs.

Just saw a red Vulcan up at Monet on Sat.

Heping and Ting Zou has a bike shop with foreigner-sized cheepy rain gear.

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Found these online:

I would be more than happy to order them for you.

There’s the sbk store on Heping west road, section 2, number 58, there is another one but can’t read the address (can’t read Chinese)
tel numbers are 23045131 and 23376921
H’S is the name of the store, they sell everything.
fairly decent prices.
hope this helps.

I saw a few different boots at the green anything store on Roosevelt. They looked warm and rain proof, but no telling how sturdy.

Its the 2dn floor of the 3 floor green shop that sells everything next to the big pet shop, across from the gelato store. On Roosevelt, between Shida and gongwan.

Let me know if you need more vague directions.