🇪🇬 Egypt - Is Egypt Safe?

It’s been my lifelong dream to visit all the amazing sites in Egypt. It’s always been a fascination of mine and I’ve always been told these sites are a completely different experience to stand there in person. The mystery of how these structures were built is something I’ve always been interested in since I was a kid.

But I wonder how safe it is to go? Especially for women my fiancée will be coming.

Perhaps I need to contact some agency that can safely arrange for a tour of different sites?

I’d like to go next April for my birthday :partying_face:


Government of Canada suggests that it’s OK, but some areas are particularly dangerous.

The report on crime suggests to basically keep aware at all times, but it’s not particulary bad. I would travel together and go see sites together and not leave each other. Since I know what you look like, I know nobody’s gonna mess with you.

More info here.

The US State Department paints a less flattering picture.

Please note: Crime report does not mention anything about illegal parking, whether there is illegal dumping or whether or not locals cheat on their taxes.


Go for it. You only live once (hopefully that won’t be put to the test there :wink:).


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Sounds like a great travel idea. That’s about the only country I would consider to visit in the Middle East, along with maybe Israel and its religious sites.
The only thing will be riots that have a greater likelihood of occurring due to the huge spike in wheat prices (Ukraine situation, etc.). Egypt lives on that like there’s no tomorrow.
Other than that, have fun. Pics please if so!


I think it usually tops worst place to visit on online discussions.

I didn’t even know it has such a bad reputation until the recent Don’t Go to Egypt videos by Best Ever Food Review Show.


depends how much you want to spend.similar to india, or PH, its hot, messy, dirty, with lots of petty crime and crimes against women. there is also a risk of islamic terrorism, but i dont think you will go to thise places.
with common sense and a large budget you can stay in clean and safe places and not see any of the above.

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Yes, this is my concern for Islamic countries. We haven’t had the best experience in them in terms of how they view and treat women.

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I saw this. Apparently it also pissed off people there seeing it. Idk what change will come but apparently it was a topic of discussion in Egypt as it really made them look horrible.

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I was looking at starting at Cairo and Luxor and I’ve seen there are these boat cruises that take you through the Nile to different sites. This might be more favorable than going from site to site by car in places I don’t know.

The Jumping Places YouTube channel went to Egypt very recently - I would check out their videos; they are generally very unbiased and informative.

They also did one of the boat tours you mentioned.


Like a lot of places, if you’re smart you’ll be fine. If you ask for trouble, you’ll probably find it. Egypt is very progressive by Middle Eastern standards and tourism is a huge part of the economy.


Every time someone asks the worst place to travel to on reddit, everyone says Egypt.


Any particular reason on why it’s so awful?

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Because the average reddit user isn’t well traveled? It isn’t even the worst place in North Africa to travel, let alone the world


I’ve been 4 times, and I highly recommend it. If you have a short trip, you might not have time to go diving in the Red Sea, visit Siwa (near the border with Libya), or even go south to Aswan and Abu Simbel. But if you like antiquities, a week between Cairo and Luxor could be done safely and will blow your mind.


Some recent ones. They just say it’s gross and dangeorus and stuff.


If reddit is a good source, how about this?

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