🇪🇬 Egypt - Is Egypt Safe?

I think this left a bad impression on me. Poor woman was gang raped while reporting. Somehow she got separated from her cameraman and crew.


I know what you mean, my understanding is that it is “Progrrssive” for the ME. But still far from what we consider progressive in modern liberal democracies.


Definitely going to spend time there but also want to see some of the lesser known sites.


Obviously for people who haven’t traveled outside of modern liberal democracies somewhere like Egypt will be a shock. Crime, rape, corruption, Thailand has a lot of these issues as well. But travel smart and you will probably be fine in Egypt.

The idea that Egypt is more dangerous, and otherwise worse, than say Yemen or Libya or Afghanistan, that’s ridiculous

India was mentioned up thread, also has problems.

If your girlfriend will insist on dressing and acting like she is in Europe then yeah Egyot will be dangerous don’t go


Did you not notice the difference between the number of responses of these links? r/taiwan has like a few hundreds active subscribers. r/askreddit has tens of millions. These questions are also completely different. One question is specifically asking about Taiwan’s problems. The other one is an open question, to which many people responded Egypt and even more people agreed.

Idk why you are so defensive. I didn’t say their views were 100% accurate, my point is many people consider Egypt an unpleasant tourist destination for reasons like crime and groping and shit, which @Andrew0409 might have to consider as he would likely be travelling with a woman.

It’s also really low information to compare Thailand to Egypt. Thailand is one of the most popular destinations for Western tourists in Asia so everything there caters to them and their problems do not affect tourists. The thing with Egypt, according to people who have been there, is that their problems do affect tourists.

Egypt is very progressive by Middle Eastern standards and tourism is a huge part of the economy.

[…] Egypt is amongst the most backwards countries foreigners would have had an experience as a tourist in so of course it gets singled out. Sure, there are worse countries out there like Afghanistan or Congo or whatever but few people travel there.

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Btw, progressive by ME standards? There are like barely 12 countries in ME and Egypt is probably the 5th most progressive. The only ME country that can be called progressive by ME standards is Israel.


Guys, this thread is about Egypt’s safety, please stay on topic and refrain from needless personal insulting. Thank you!

I’ll took out some of the above posts and deleted small parts of two posts to keep the discussion clean.

Thanks for your understanding!


I get the impression that discussing in-any-way negative things on r/taiwan isn’t really appreciated anyway lol. It mostly seems just for unadulterated praise and posting photos of Taipei 101.


for sure, that place is Taiwan Numba One for ever.

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The first response I read of reddit said, “Once you’ve seen one temple, one hieroglyphic, you’ve truly seen them all.”
I disagree.
But read up on what areas are problematic, andgo into them with the right attitude.
For example, if you’re going to take a felucca (sailboat) trip, expect to be ripped off or at least have problems. They might ask for more money or tell you that the winds aren’t just right, but if you’re expecting it before you board, it doesn’t spoil your trip. Maybe it’s best to NOT do an overnight trip… just go for a short sail.
I’ve been to most of the countries in Africa, and Cairo was the first place I visited on the continent. That’s true for many people. It can be a shock if you haven’t spent much time on the Indian subcontinent or traveled in tougher / poorer places.
Spending a little more can insulate you and your girl from the crowds. Cairo is huge and crowded, but it’s a big city with big rewards (unlike Jakarta).
I’d go again. I WILL go again with my wife.


No. I don’t understand. The other 2 guys are the ones who were arguing. But my posts are the one who got deleted?

Not sure the need to show superiority complex over /r/taiwan. Probably share a lot of the same posters after all.

Literally, just open the thread and it’s the usual complaints you heard everywhere. Traffic, etc. Not sure where the idea no negative things in /r/taiwan came from.

Just don’t go in an Evergreen container ship that gets Suez Canal jammed up…

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When I was taking a tour of the Warsaw ghetto there wasa Swedish woman with an Egyptian BF on the tour.

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Went there last year October/November - felt perfectly safe. Main annoyance diahrrea prone food and that as a wes7terner you pay much more more or less everywhere. So use Uber and Co, make sure to avoid tourist traps and BTW the black and white desert was a really nice place. Make sure to book in a big group for a good price though - we got ripped less than others at 100USD for the 2D/1N trip - but only to find out a group that booked with 8 people via a youth hostel local egyptian - paid 75USD pax and had a much less cramped ride… People booking via international websites got ripped completely however at 150USD or more for exactly the same trip.
Such things happen everywhere in Egypt. Eat street food or go for places with locals no worries getting ripped - but eanding up on the toilet… But if so - just take the local medicines - they are much better adapted to local stuff than western meds (except if you thing activated charcoal is enough)

All attractions have local, arab and western price… Can use the local culture for your advantage too. We got into way more caves at Luxor than we paid for plus it was all empty. Had some caves all alone while pre-covid they would throw you out after 10-20 minutes…

Went with a Chinese female friend - no probs for her there.

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That wasn’t the point. I tried to send you a PM to explain but you arent open to that. Anyways, welcome to the community, I suggest yiu take a little time to get to know the rules and people before you start arguing and continue making incorrect judgements :wink:

expect to be cheated and sit on the toilet :), in fact there are few levels of being cheated, and you are a platinum tier member.
Sounds like a charming vacation spot, thank you for sharing!

Better to go to Mexico, India, or Thailand. These things never happen in those tourist hotspots!


Saw this video

Good luck lol. Don’t forget to check the comments. The second video has more balanced accounts but even from these positive reactions it sounds horrific.

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Great video, the first one, not sure if their problems will be @Andrew0409’s problems, but at least it gives you an idea of how bureaucracy works there.