EHR Hotel Resort East Coast Yilan Closed

Just beside Beiguan Tidal Park, Toucheng Township, Yilan County

Seems resorts on the east coast don’t do so well. It’s a tough business when customers mostly on weekends, seasonal, no pubic transport nearby, and trying to manage through typhoon seasons.




晶宴會館海洋莊園 at Long Dong Marina closed years ago. Now maybe only open for special functions.

This was my first location when I arrived. Almost newly built then and it seems to have survived .

It doesn’t look like a resort though.
Rocky beach, non descript looking buildings on the roadside. No swimming pool.

There’s a few really expensive resorts in hualien, they seem to book out through most of the summer and any holidays.

Yea they still going. Driven past but never stopped.

Just past the river bridge as you approach, you can see the Fish Ladder system and walks are nice .

That’s the one that had a lion museum or something wasn’t it?

Papago? You mean ? they also have a place in Palau, didn’t notice any Lion stuff at this place…I was there for 6 weeks I think, the first time.
lots of individual Villas, as well as a 4 star Hotel. Have not been for quite a few years now…owner and wife on the left , Mayor of Taitung and wife on the right .

who gives a hoot about some owner or mayor and their wives… who are the middle 4 in the car?


It’s a story I need to post in the “weirdest things” thread :blush:very funny , but I’m a gentleman :thinking:see the girl on the right … well…still never quite worked out why they insist on pinning flowers on you ??

That or I’m thinking of a different closed down resort in Yilan near Turtle Island and north of a tidal park. I tried going there last year but it was shuttered up. Looks like it’s not on google maps anymore