Eine Kleine FOYK-music

And another ‘Music Moods’ thread.

I need to be yang as fuck, this week, for reasons I won’t bore you with. I’m compiling a new and improved ‘Scary Buttercup’ playlist, that will give me the psychic wherewithal to melt anyone’s face off, that fucks wid da 'Cup. There’s serious fuckage potential, under the ‘I shot the sheriff’ principle, let’s just say. Who’s in?

I got:

Blue Orchid The White Stripes
100% Sonic Youth
Phonebill Song Hole
Never Enough Eminem
Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I’ll Go Mine) Bob Dylan
Idiot Joy Showland The Fall
Driving PJ Harvey
Dicknail Hole
Dead Beat Descendant The Fall
You could have it so much better Franz Ferdinand
Jackie Big Tits The Kooks
Beautiful People Mariln Manson
I am the Resurrection Stone Roses
These boots are made for walking Nick Cave
Kinky Afro Happy Mondays
Janie Jones The Clash
You Don’t Send Me Belle and Sebastian
Pure Morning Placebo
April Skies J&M Chain
Resist Psychic Death Bikini Kill
Cigarettes and Alcohol Oasis
Summer bit #3 Vivaldi
Jackson JC
Kick out the motherfuckin jams MC5
Piss Factory Patti Smith

Music is the one thing that corrals my energies properly. If I hit random and get ‘Within You or Without You’, or ‘Riverman’, I’m a bit fucked.