El Sabroso on Tingzhou Road - awesome Mexican food!



Are the pinatas for sale or decorations only?


For sale.


Oh yes! My wife always wanted one


Mexican newspaper did an interview with Sabroso owners.


Tomorrow Oscar is making tamales. Let that sink in.

Icon, dragonbones? And yes, Masa harina.


At the shop? What time? Better go early.


@Icon this one is for you!



I heard you were dead.


The rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated.


Thank you dear but I am on keto.

Tacos however…

Viva Mexico! Feliz día de la independencia!


devil alert. he is having tacos tomorrow also.


From FB

We are celebrating Mexican Independence Day tomorrow! We will be serving limited amounts of tacos, elotes, and tamales!
Come celebrate with us and enjoy some awesome Mexican food!


tacos, tamales, elotes. You can stray from your diet one day in commemoration, no?


see you there.


oh Lord


there’s always some naysayer who ruins the joy. That’ll be me.
Sounds like Tex-Mex at best, but burritos, tacos, and quesadillas aren’t the real deal. Pipian, mole, and achiote are more like it. I’d be fine with a decent burrito but that won’t do it for me.
I’m not holding my breath.


Please hold your breath. Please hold it more. Please hold it until you can’t hold hit and then hold it some more.


enjoy your nachos