Elderly Persian Cat looking for a good home

Hello everyone,

I am currently looking after a senior Persian cat that was found on the street. He’s a very affectonate cat who even comes when you call him and likes relax. He’ll be great company for anyone and he is good with other animals. I already have 2 cats and 2 dogs, and it’s just a bit too crowded at my place. He is a black Persian with beautiful orange eyes. He’s about thirteen years old and needs a loving home. If you would like pictures, or more info, Please call, text, or email me at 0922710702. jamtart1982@yahoo.com

Couldn’t you post some pictures here?
If I had a pic I wouldn’t mind sending it round to friends…most of my friends are cat people.
Does the cat have any obvious health problems, aside from being old?
We had a Persian that made 18 years…13 is not that old, unless the kitty has other health problems.

Email me the pics and I’ll post them for you. (email in sig below)