Election in 2020 and Taiwan as a country


President Ko sounds great, I’m in for that. Or Ke…but Ko is cooler.


Yeah, his policy sounds right for the situation. The best bet for Taiwan can be status quo until China changes from inside, instead of meddling the current relationship up right now.

頼 清徳 also has a similar political view toward the relationship with China, “親中愛台”.

BTW who is the Ke?


He’s a scam.


take’s one to know one…


Ew a Ko fan.


Any references? Explanations will help too since I don’t have the ability to search the internet in Chinese.


he once made a politically incorrect remark about women, so by current year standards some people put him on the same level as Ted Bundy.


Ke-P has my vote if he can out troll KMT and DPP.

Anti-China is still the goal, but how one approaches it requires learning the art of politics like 李登輝.



Thank you for the explanation.

So ture, the whole situation seems to me a joke which reflects the harsh reality of Taiwan. China is pointing a gun at Taiwan, and those great figures in Taiwan responds to China saying “兩岸一家親”- “兩岸命運共同體” - “親中愛台”. If I were a Taiwanese, I would feel disgusted.

Nobody called the name 蔡英文 here. Considering it was obvious from the beginning she won’t achieve anything, I think she is doing fine. And also 民調:蔡總統支持度53% 滿意度44% https://udn.com/news/story/9829/3152370?from=udn-hotnews_ch2
if this is true, then her popurarity is rising from the bottom. I like her way of doing things without any dramas.


The bubble dear, the same bubble that they build abroad. They live there and may have the passport but locals are still foreigners.


Yes, the bubble. Well, we’ll need another thread if we talk about this, but not this time…


Tsai isn’t doing that bad
Most Taiwanese are quite happy that she’s keeping her promise to get rid of 18% and investigate into kmt assets.

Still, DPP is not to be trusted, especially the 新潮流 now that it’s openly dominant in DPP, using leftist strategies and playing dirty.

As for 國共一家親, Ke-P himself said he never said that; it was fake news. But even if he did say that, I have less of a problem with him; if it’s a KMTer who says that, we all know it means what it means—a traitor selling off Taiwan.

KMT has got to go, never to be revived; but there has to be another side of force to keep DPP in line. If we’re not gonna get another 李登輝, Ke-P(Trump 2.0?) seems like the only choice now.


We got the handsome representatives of People Power Party.

And we really need to pull together the Immigrant Party.


I am sorry, Ko is not a “typical politician.” You can dislike this man for any number of reasons, but after 16 straight years of KMT (mis)managing Taipei, with more and more brazen corrupt projects coming to the fore, it was time for a change. And Ko was the first guy since Chen Shui-bian was mayor (not his ill-fated presidential terms) that called bullsh*t when he saw it.

Given the way he has called out vested interests, I have no idea if he will be re-elected, but I certainly trust him more than the other two guys on the ballot for the upcoming Taipei City election for mayor.



… and so it begins.
Will DPP implode like Dems did in run-up to 2016 US election?

Telling English Tsai to announce she will not run for re-election AND hand administrative power over to the premier. Ha! Worse than a lame-duck politician. Going to be an interesting year in Taiwan politics.


I wish the 2020 election would be cancelled.


Look, the hardline forces on the green side are frustrated with Tsai’s quiet circumspect approach to governing. I view this as their way of applying pressure on her. What do they want? A return to the Chen Shui-bian days of presidential barking at Beijing? (No thanks.)

Some forumosans will have noticed that Tsai has spoken more directly about the sovereignty of our country in her 2019 new year’s address. Perhaps this will quiet down the hardliners for now—or perhaps not.



What does this even mean? You’re finished with democracy?


Is @CTaitung the chosen one?? Has he seen a line that others missed???