Election in 2020 and Taiwan as a country


No. I’m finished with democracy full of idiots.


You mean the least bad option in your opinion is for Tsai to get a second term. So, if Tsai (or perhaps another DPP candidate?) were assured of getting re-elected in the 2020 election, you would be fine with not canceling it, right? I mean, as long as its not KMT or rockstar Ko being elected President.




Right, you support democracy only as long as the results agree with you.


Again… Democracy is only good if everyone agrees with you.

Society would be better if we just named Gain the dictator.


I think Gain’s true nature and political philosophy has been obvious to all of us for a long time now on this forum. Obvious to everyone except maybe himself.


I support democracy as long as people wouldn’t be stupid enough to elect someone that would hand us into PRC’s rapey hands, unfortunately the intelligence of average voters in this country does not invite any confidence, as evidenced by the election results last year.


This sounds just like what the Thai Junta said about the Shinatras. Minus the PRC part.


Whatever. Those who were actually retarded enough to vote for Han Guo-yu should never be allowed to vote.

Actually the world would’ve been a better place had their fathers shot their wad on the wall (I’m assuming “should never have been born” is less offensive than “should die” so I wouldn’t be banned again).


Every country is full of idiots, so I guess you’re just basically anti-democracy.


Some countries have less. A LOT less.

Go read Han Guo-yu’s Facebook comment section, you’d know what I mean. Those morons have the brain size of a fucking goldfish.


No thanks. My faith in humanity is already low enough.



So you agree with me then?


Fine. Their brain is as small as the brain of a spider, aka they don’t have any brain.


Yes and no. The alternative to democracy is almost always worse.


Who says I’m for the alternatives?


Jellyfish is a good replacement for goldfish. They ain’t got no brains.


The jellyfish of Palau are cool. No stingers.


You did.