Election in 2020 and Taiwan as a country


The greatest gift we have in a democracy is the freedom to say and think whatever we want, providing we are not also violating the rights of others.

That said, I highly doubt that calling a large portion of the electorate “retarded” is likely to help your cause. We all get that you are frustrated with the perceived short-sightedness of what-is-still their decision, but insulting them is not going to have them side with you. It certainly didn’t help Romney or Clinton, why would it help you?

If you honestly believe that this cause is worth your time enough to complain on an online forum, then it should be worth your time to go out and educate others…respectfully. That’s the greatest gift of democracy, we can share ideas and opinions and use our words to settle disagreements. If you disagree with them…it’s your right to say why.

In some ways, I agree with you, but your presentation compels others to feel shameful agreeing with you. Be part of the solution.

TLDR, don’t like something? Do something about it. I have.

(Expecting to be flamed now)


Noble, but to be fair I think a lot of people just come on the forum to vent anonymously, not to persuade or educate anyone…it just ain’t that serious on this here corner of the internet.


As they say, a week in Politics is a long time. Maybe World events will have a bearing on the election.
One “solution” from China, may eliminate the Military threat . E.g.:
" The deputy head of a Chinese military academy told an audience in Shenzhen last month that tensions in the South China Sea could be resolved by sinking a pair of U.S. aircraft carriers, reports said."

“What the United States fears the most is taking casualties,” said Rear Admiral Lou Yuan, deputy head of the Chinese Academy of Military Sciences, [news.com.au] reported. He said sinking one carrier would kill 5,000 and sinking two would double that number.

Not quite sure that would 'resolve" Chinese Military concerns, other that they would possible have no Naval fleet left to fund.
Didn’t seem to work out so well for the Japanese in the past .


We all know that Tsai’s government is very unpopular now. But having been here through three presidents, honestly she is the one I trust the most with the foreign affairs / Beijing’s annexationist desires file. Folks on the deep green side feel upset when she keeps her mouth shut, but this is in my view actually one of her strengths, at least concerning concerning Taiwan’s precarious sovereignty.

On the other hand, she;d better figure out a way to communicate more effectively with the Taiwanese electorate, and fast!—or else there’s a good chance she really will be toast in 2020.



I think, at least, if someone is venting online, sympathetic ears are more likely to come when not being inflammatory. I dunno, maybe I’m different. I usually only talk when I want to contribute or attain something. I see little point in speaking to the wind with 0 expectations.

Who knows…


But >90% of the posts in some forums (politics, religion, etc) are exactly that. Its not about learning or persuasion at all when it comes to these subjects on internet forums. Same goes with other forums such as about smartphones where everyone is either a ‘fanboy’ or ‘hater’.


How are those alternatives? I merely want to skip one election cycle, democracy full of idiots is not real democracy.


I don’t think you’re being totally honest with yourself. If it seems that KMT will overwhelmingly win in 2024, then you would want to skip 2 election cycles. And if 2028, then 3, and so on & so forth. Until DPP is likely to win, then you will say democracy triumphs again.


I expect China to crash and burn before 2024. That’s why only 1 election cycle is needed to be skipped.


Interesting. If that were to happen and there is some smart & cunning KMT politician(s) who rise to the occasion, they could win on the platform of the KMT uniting Mainland China with Taiwan and kicking out the Communists. Would you be OK with that? Unification but with ROC defeating PRC, I mean.




Then be careful what you wish for. On another note, if we’re still active on this forum in 2024, I would love to have a back & forth about whether PRC has ‘crashed & burned’ by then.


So you’re saying that if China is nowhere close to crashing/burning in 2024 and if KMT goes into the 2024 election with a insurmountable lead in the polls, then you would want that election to be skipped as well, right? So more than 1 election cycle may be need to be skipped in your view.


Let me shake my Magic 8-ball and come up with another Nostradamus-like prediction.

Will Trump run as independent in 2020?
Magic 8-ball: It is decidedly so.
But, maybe that’s for the other poli forum, ha.


People have been saying China will crash for years. It may happen, but I’m not expecting it.


Yes, that’s the realistic view. But do you think realistic reasoning does anything for people like Gain?