Electric bicycle battery repair

Slightly off topic, kind of, but: does anyone happen to know anywhere that does things like repair batteries of the type used by electric bicycles (Li-ion)? I bought a second-hand Giant EA 401 last year and while it’s been fine for its primary purpose of transporting my dog here and there or occasional runs to Costco, the connection inside the battery is loose and it sometimes takes quite a bit of fiddling before it properly connects with the charger. I enquired in a local shop about the replacement cost and then told me 10,000NT.

I figured there might be some business somewhere here that’s able to do what’s probably only a minor repair on the internals of a battery unit. Anyone?

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I will straight up just say I’m not that familiar with e bikes, but if it’s a Giant bike, I would consider bringing it to different shops and see what they say.

Some shops are up to their necks with maintenance and repairs, so they may not want to take the extra time to fiddle with your bike. Other will just think it’s ma fan and don’t see a return customer in you.

I wouldn’t go anywhere else but a Giant shop as many smaller shops won’t be familiar with e bikes.

Good luck!

If it’s just a dodgy plug/socket I could probably do this for you, but depending on the connector that they’ve used (ie., is it a custom job or a standard-off-the-shelf part) it might be necessary to replace both the battery connector and the mating part on the cycle/charger with something completely different. Also depends a great deal on whether the pack is easy to open or deliberately sealed shut. Can you post or PM a picture of exactly what the problem is?

Is there no warranty with the bike?