Electric scooter licence?

I am thinking of getting an electric scooter to give me a bigger range of travel. I don’t have a Taiwan scooter licence or international one. Are they treated as bicycles? Is there a power/size limit?

Many years ago when I lived here I did have a 50cc Taiwan licence which I have since lost. Is there a way of resurrecting that? They may have a record of it in their system?

At least now, the license is valid for 6 years. If not yet 6nyewrs for you, then go to DMV in city you got it from and ask.

Otherwise, without Taiwan or international permit, it’s technically not legal. But if in some places like kenting, they may just ask for passport or ID to rent.

Electric scooters are treated the same as regular scooters. Power equivalent of under 50cc (green plate) can be driven if you find your license, while many electric scooters are equivalent to 125cc scooters (white plate) and require a regular scooter license, there is no separate one for electric.

Of course, electric bicycles require no special license.

If there’s a license plate on the scooter, you need a scooter license.

If there’s no license plate with numbers or something like “電動自行車” , it’s considered a electric bicycle.