Electric scooters

I passed by an electric scooter shop on the east side of Taishun Street, about halfway between Heping East and Xinhai Roads tonight (across from the pet shop with the piglet in the window). They have a pretty big range of these little things, prices range from about NT$8500 to over 20k, and the guy said they charge in 3 hours. The smaller ones can be folded up. I’ve been seeing more of these things lately; it seems like a good idea. If I were living out in Danshui, even if I had a real motorcycle, I’d want one of these things just to run down to 7-Eleven with.

I believe that’s what we have legs for. :stuck_out_tongue:

We have a couple of the scooters in my community. They are the bigger verison and I think that they can go up to 60km…The small ones look ok, but the bumps in the road and the traffic, even for short trips, make it risky.

I heard that the gov’t was offering a rebate a few years ago to people buying the bikes…Do they still offer that? Also, does anyone know how expensive they are to maintain/repair?

Good idea I think.