Electric vehicles


So, Tesla is getting some impressive competition.

The Rivian SUV and Pick-up


Have you guys driven a electric car before?


Yes, for many years. Thing is , people seem to get aggressive and drive erratically in them. I also think they are dangerous.


Do you actually like driving them past the initial coolness of an electric engine?


It’s just the kids…some of them are crazy…but I guess they are cool


It’s friggin’ fast accelerating.


In all seriousness, Rivian have assembled some of the finest designers and seem to have the money to do well.
I see a flawed hypothesis in Electric being the best solution , in terms of energy use, but I welcome reduced emissions…PROVIDING the power doesn’t come from coal-fired stations etc.
Tesla have done well with sales, being first to manufacture in quantity, but their vehicles are not particularly high quality for the price, IMO.
All of them are very fast, but eerily quiet.
The supply of lithium will be a factor and a few Manufacturers like BMW will maybe move to China , to be near the largest supply chains and Electric production , in the long term.

Electric is coming and I see upwards price pressure on used vehicles already.


I’m not into electric cars but I am a Saab man, so I’m interested to see what NEVS will come up with.


I’m quite into electric, but depending on the regions source for electricity I can see logical concerns. Places like BC which is virtually all hydro electric power, I see nothing but up for this type of thing, sorry salmon. For Taiwan, we need to.seriously confront our energy source issue, regardless of electric cars.

But that’s all different issues based on region. Battery manufacture seems the Main universal environmental issue.

Plus not a fan of.automated ultra computer (company) controlled cars like tesla. I still like the idea of a car that can’t be connected with satellite, Wi-Fi or other such things. Not sure why that isn’t.more of an issue. Or am I way off understanding security risks in cars?


No you are absolutely correct. It seems insane to me to have a car, that can connect to the internet, update the software on the fly AND be able to steer the car.
That is a recipe for disaster. They will hack it sooner or later.


Or it will “malfunction” and drive into a lake when you express wrongthink on the internet


I’m not a huge fan of electric engines. They feel soulless to me. It’s fun for a while but the novelty goes after a while. The fake exhaust sounds also annoy me, I don’t like feeling like it’s try to deceive me.


Isnt combustion with loud fart pipes more of a novelty? Electronic aims to solve a problem, combustion aims to get people laid by gold diggers.

Up feel it’s a weird feel too, but hits a necessary thing if we want to advance past the fire burning era.

Wi-Fi cars though just seem ridiculously bad thinking, like a cashless society out will only cause big issues


The super “Mustang-Tesla S”

840 bhp, 2,2 seconds to 100 km/h


The Porsche Taycan looks quite nice


Does it need an extension cable to drive?


Yes, but it is quite long. The range is 500m. More than enough to drive to next 7-Eleven.


GM put out a decent electric a while ago then recalled it as they were only.leased not sold.and seemed to be quite good quality. I forgot the name and the story, but interested to read into it again.


electric vehicule made in Taiwan

XING Mobility is a provider of advanced electric vehicle powertrain and battery technology. XING Mobility was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. [Wikipedia]


At the moment, there is one new electric car per week in China
The last one… the day before yesterday, Dec 26th… is called Ora R1
A branch of the constructor Great Wall
A mini tiny under-powered 35 kW urban car