Electric vehicles


You can walk it work!


Obviously, Honda has launched an electric motorcycle… PCX
only available in Japan and the Philippines
Is this PCX available in Taiwan? I guess not

Honda to Begin Lease Sales of Electric Scooter “PCX ELECTRIC”

November 29, 2018, Japan
ovember 29, 2018 - Honda announced that it will commence lease sales towards corporations and sole proprietors of the electric motorized scooter (125cc or less) “PCX ELECTRIC,” on Friday, November 30, 2018.


Always wonderedwhy companies did lease only for electric models…like that GM one years back that they took back and scrapped. It seems fishy



" Planned production (Japan-domestic / annual) 250 units"


250 or 250 thousand?


The website says 250.


You’re talking about the GM EV1

I guess Who Killed the Electric Car? spoke too soon.


Not in Taiwan, but look for:
Harley-Davidson LiveWire
coming in 2019


One new electric car in China per week. The latest one… Leapmotor S01

But also SAIC, FAW, GAC, Geely, BAIC, BYD, and so many more!

FYI, it is not because of lack of interest that they don’t export,
but because and only because they don’t have the approval from the government !


Interesting there are so man. By no approval, do you mean they are safety passed and gone through all those hoops? Or the gov there is not info passing electric cars? Seems China is kind of into more sustainable tech development, electric cars should be right up their alley.


China also has a lot of electric buses. Shenzhens whole bus fleet is electric. They seem to have (correctly) deduced that electric cars will help with their air pollution and give them a chance to leapfrog established international car manufacturers. They have the scale and wherewithal to manufacture batteries too.
I’m guessing it’s a lot easier to put out different versions of electric cars than gas guzzlers with complicated engines…


I noticed the Honda PCX Electric was on display at the Taichung High Speed station


Photo taken in the bus this morning in Central Taiwan

Can I guess it means you can rent an electric car Ropo (never heard of that brand) for 37 K/month ?


There is a website: http://www.ropocar.com/
and a Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ROPOGroup/


Do they have airbags?


It’s probably robocar, like robot!:rofl:


They are trying to promote it as saving cost by cheap mileage. Maybe for uber type service?

37k per my is really steep though and they say it depends on contract so probably needs half a year or annual contract .

Probably Chinese brand ?


Tech office Taiwan will distribute the Cake kalk@ electric motorcycle to Taiwan
Address of the office: No.3, Jingcheng 6th St. West Dist. Taichung City 40360, Taiwan
I need to have a look !


Range 7-15 kW
42 Nm peak torque on shaft
3000 rpm
Front sprocket 13 teeth
Rear sprocket 80 teeth
Chain size 420 O-ring

18650 lithium cells
51.8 Volt
50 Ah
2.6 kWh