Electric waffle iron

No funky Taiwanese shapes, no cute little fish or teddy bears or eggs. Just a good old fashioned western waffle iron. Thanks in advance!

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Seen 'em at Carrefooooo. Also at some restaraunt supply shops.

baking stores sell them here …

Does it have to be new?

No. I’ll buy a used one off sb if it works well and you just never use it much. In fact, I’ve been checking the Forumosifieds for a couple weeks, but zippo.

You didn’t mention Hello Kitty. Do you want a Hello Kitty one? :stuck_out_tongue:

You didn’t mention Hello Kitty. Do you want a Hello Kitty one? :p[/quote]

Oh, yes, please!

I am looking for an electric 2 or 4 grid square waffle iron. Not a belgian waffle maker, just a normal waffle maker. Can I get one in Taipei?

3C stores, working house, carrefour, costco, …

The Neihu Costco didn’t have one when I went there; and the RTMart had one but it was two small round waffles (very thick), not square.

Cool. Thanks all for the info. I think I will try Carrefour. Any idea on how to get to a Carrefoour from the WanFang Hospital MRT station? (sorry newbie in town, still getting my sense of direction)

I’m guessing, but the closest Carrefour to you is in Qichang (3rd to last MRT stop from the end of the green line). From WanFang, it’s only a 15 min ride in a taxi (quite close as the crow flies), but a big hike if you take the MRT. Taxi will probably be about NT$130. Get someone to write it down in Chinese.

If you take the MRT (which I advise against simply because of time) come out of the station, turn left, walk 1 min. At McDonalds, turn left again. Carrefour is about 5 mins up the road. It’s in a big shopping complex with lots of other stores and a food hall.

A word of advice - always go to these places hoping to find what you want - it helps because you rarely seem find exactly what you are looking for!

Weren’t you living in pingtung county, gaoxiung or something?

Regular households don’t use these. You won’t find what you need at the regular stores, Carrefour, RT Mart, Geant. Just find a baking supply store. Do a search for baking supplies or pie crusts or cookie dough. Go there and find all the cool stuff your heart (tummy) desires. Can’t find it? No prob. pm me and I will set you free…
Glad to help. Don’t dispare, just act.

Waffle irons are also available online on Ruten.

I went to both RT Mart and Shin Kong Mitsukoshi today, and all they had were waffle irons that make tiny foofy waffles with gigantic holes in them.

Ruten also only seems to have foofy waffle irons.

Oh where oh where can I find a proper waffle iron, in Taiwan?

Like this:

There is no “proper”. I assume what you want is “traditional-style” or “classic” and not “Belgian” waffles. Is this correct? This is Belgian:

Unfortunately, Belgian waffles are “in”, in the U.S. and here. It has become harder to find classic style

This is a nice traditional-style waffle maker (6 slices) in case you want to make a lot and freeze some for toasting later:
amazon.com/Cuisinart-WAF-6-T … B0006L9V0S

I’ve been wanting to import that! :d

Here’s a nice Winnie the Pooh and Tigger one:

Anyway, scrolling through Yahoo auctions TW, this looks right, no?


Be quick, it ends in under an hour! :laughing:


Was there today, they have the kind you are looking for. Didn’t check the price though, I had two kids with me so it was a run-in-out shopping trip. You can call in your order and they will deliver to you. They have an online catalog but you have to call for prices.

Thanks! Tianmu, near the Mingde MRT station? Close to TAS? I’ll be there tomorrow!!


(And maybe I’ll go to Mary’s Hamburgers!)

Oh, and by “proper” I mean American style! :smiley: Not Scandinavian hearts, Belgian big-squares or Japanese Hello Kitty.

So in other words, you’re wrong :smiley: