Electrician Needed - Taipei

Is there such a thing in Taipei as an electrician who knows what he’s doing? The ones I’ve met so far know less than I do - ie nothing - but feel they can charge NT$1,000 an hour.

Can anyone help? I need the consumer unit/fuse box at my flat rewired so that I can actually use stuff in my house without the electricity going off.

There must be some way to get a spark who can wire a fusebox properly.

What is the rating of your master circuit breaker(30, 50, 100?)? How big is your apertment and how is it wired in the first place. I could look at it on Sunday and map the wires for you, and that would give you a solution, not that I could necessarily fix it. My guess, is that you are either blowing one secondary circuit breaker because it’s too heavily used or that your master circuit breaker is a 20-30 amp and you are just running to many things for it.

Like I said, I can look at it and hopefully give you an idea, but not necessarily be able to fix it.


Thanks for the offer, Okami. :notworthy: I’ve got a bloke in to do it on Saturday. If you don’t hear from me from Sunday on you’ll know it wasn’t a success.

a new fuse box or circuit breaker… but some of these apartment have old wiring, that may give in before the fuse blows or the circuit breaker…so would it be better to check the wiring too?

My last apartment was wired in the 80’s when nobody thought of a microwave, kettle and other household applicances… one day while making my dinner, with the washing machine, microwave, refrigerator and water heater on… the really small gauge wire to the kitchen (back then they probably only ever thought it would only ever be used for a rice cooker) started to melt and smoulder… it was just behind the plug so I could pull out the wire.

There was some excess wire and cut off the wire and connect it to the plug. Another thing I noticed was that they didn’t used any conjuate for the wires, and the wires not did go vertically from the plug to the ceiling and back to the fuse box. The electrical wires were tacked on to the wall and plastered over. I never drilled a hole in any where in that place again.

They also seem to have no problem with putting mains sockets in bathrooms, or not grounding anything

Before we moved into our apartment in Aug., I had an electrician pull all the old wires out and replace them. We upgraded from two prongs to grounded outlets on all receptacles. I had additional grounded outlets added to the bathrooms and the laundry room. Big mistake was not to add more outlets in the dining room and master bedroom. Working with a tight deadline and several contractors at once took its toll.

It cost NT $10,000 but seeing the condition of the old wiring and the old receptacles