Electronic digital medical records in Taiwan

Do hospitals in Taiwan use electronic digital medical records and are they viewable at different hospitals?

If I walk up into the hospital can they view my medical records from another hospital?

Yes*, yes*.

*Terms and conditions apply.

The system exists, tied to your NHI card and works to some extent. Each provider has the ability to enter information about conditions and medication. However, it tends to be on the minimal side.

To see what is stored on your record, you can login with your NHI card (Taiwan citizens) or your Alien Digital Citizen Certificate at:


Here are some entries from mine:

  • Graphic of my teeth, noting which teeth have fillings
  • List of visits to the doctor, with a code to give a high-level reason for the visit
  • For a given doctor’s visit, the medication that was prescribed (also a box which occasionally has brief notes)

I haven’t seen any imaging products (eg x-rays) make it into this system, which I imagine is one of the records that a new hospital might need. The clinical notes don’t appear to carry over either.


Yes. It’s called 健康存摺 and will give doctors you visit a good idea of what you have/had and your labs/meds. For some reason not every single lab result shows up. (I know this because I need to get a lot of labs done every 2-3 months and usually stuff is missing from the record.)
It is nowhere as complete as your complete medical records but will do the trick in a pinch. You do have to apply through some kind of tricky verification system though. It’s not immediately accessible.
A description of your pathology/imaging results is available. The image itself, however, is not.

Sorry, just realised I posted the wrong link before.


is where the medical records live.


is for administration of your insurance.


I heard records by medical facilities are in English and that English is the standard for medical records in Taiwan. Is this true?

Thank you for sharing this. This is interesting.

Here is the login

As @sherlock pointed out:

You do have to apply through some kind of tricky verification system though. It’s not immediately accessible.
And this is the bottom right link below the login: 申請密碼


Which Google translates as:

Health Insurance Card Password Application

  1. Environment detection and installation: Please click… (According to the type of browser used, follow the “Health Care Card Network Service Registration Instructions” to complete the component installation).

  2. Please prepare health insurance card, account book and wafer reader:

  • Click on “Health Insurance Card Internet Service Registration” and click on “First Sign In Please Apply” to go to the “General Health Insurance Network Service Registration Management Points” page. Click on “I have read finished”.
  • Insert the “Health Insurance Card” into the card reader, click “Read” to verify the health insurance card, and then enter the “User ID” and “Rural Hometown Neighborhood”.
  • Enter your own “Registration Password” and your personal “E-mail”, “Contact Phone”, and “Mobile Phone” and click “Confirm Application”.
  • Open an e-mail address, receive the “Certification Notification Letter”, and click the “Health Insurance Card Registration Certification Operation” link.

Can anyone who has registered tell us where to go to sign up if you don’t have a 晶片讀卡機 (chip reader)? In Taipei, presumably somewhere in the BNHI building next to the old AIT compound, or the BNHI hospital behind the old NTUH Building?

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The building beside AIT is national headquarters. People that reside in Taipei go to a different location.

This one for Taipei.
100, Taipei City, Zhongzheng District, Gongyuan Road, 15-1號
02 2523 2388

This site tells everyone in Taiwan where to go in their district for NHI related services.


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I know it’s a late answer, but yes: At least my records are in English. Not plain English, but doctor-speak though. For example “WNL” means “Within normal limits”.

Thanks a lot @fifieldt for this info. With the help of google translate I translated the info on that https://myhealthbank.nhi.gov.tw website and successfully installed the health card windows service, imported the NHI certificate, and then could access that website with lots of my data.

Biggest issue was finding a driver for my EZ100PU card reader, since the manufacturer only shows advertisement for the device, but no driver download. Finally found a driver from the Cathay Bank website :roll_eyes:

I previously had already activated (or whatever) the NHI online login function and set a password. I don’t remember exactly how I did that, but it was all through the internet. Had to do it to file taxes online.


Update. MyHealthBank will now accept NHI card for login from foreign residents, not just nationals. You no longer need a digital citizen certificate to view your data.


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@fifieldt How did you do this? The link you have above still asks you to enter a network service registration password. Can we do that without the digital certificate or card reader?

It’s been a while, but if I remember correctly I’ve been able to login with both citizen digital certificate and NHI card, with a card reader.

If you don’t have a card reader, the instructions hint that you can go to an NHI service centre to get a password: 全民健康保險-健康存摺 . The post here points out where to find it in Taipei.


Thanks. Does anyone know if we can register the card when we goto a clinic ?