Electronic Drumkit Medeli DD512 in Taichung $5000

This Medeli DD512 Digital Drum is a great set for a drummer who wants to practice without making noise or a set for kids to play on! I bought the set for 14000 a few years back, and it’s been great. I have an acoustic set now, so looking to unload this one. They’re in good condition. One of the tom-toms has a little glitch and picks up a double shot now and then (think it’s the patch cord, but no time to check), so thus the lower price. All the other triggers working well. Lots of different sounds, a built in metronome and songs to play along with. Priced to sell.
I’ll throw in a decent amp with the drums, if you come pick 'em up in Taichung, just off the #3 highway easy access.
I also have the manual (in Chinese).

Damn. I’d buy this in a heartbeat but I’m in Taipei.

How much noise can they create with a decent amp? I’m looking for something that gets the neighbors out of bed.

The amp that I’m giving away would do the job, for sure.