Electronic Format Resources for Classical Chinese

Any recomendations for dictionaries etc. for classical Chinese availible on CD-ROM? I know of one that’s availible from Commercial Press out of HK, but before I shelled out for it I thought I’d troll for recommendations.

goto www.zhongwen.com
that has good dictionary with meanings of each character. As opposed to words of character combinations only… it also has some of the classics, art of war, kongzi, dao de jing etc.

If you want a good book that explains classical chinese, try “gateway to the classics.” you might get it from amazon.

On the other hand, you could go to your local bookshop in taiwan. They might have one. There are a few big bookshops in Taipei. There’s on just south of the corner of chung-hsiao east and dunhua sth. rds… i think thats it… and that one opposite the main gate of NTU, and then there’s a shitload of bookshops/publishers if you head north up from the front gates of the presidential palace…

good luck