Electronic/IDM/computer musicians wanted

Hi, again, still a foolish newbie here but thought I’d post this in this forum since “restaurants, bars and clubs” is the end-goal I have in mind. Moderators, let me know if i am in the wrong place, “taiwanted” didnt seem to have a category for this…

I’m a musician making electronic music with a laptop, a couple of gameboys and a couple of synths, been doing it for a while actually, since the first time I came to taiwan.

I’m interested in meeting other musicians who’d like to perform written and/or improvised electronic material in bars and clubs in Taipei city, or even Taichung or Kaohsiung if we can set it up.

If you are interested, PM me or send an email to otakuotaku (at) hotmail.com

I make music that sounds something like: Pole, Jan Jelinek, Mouse On Mars, Prefuse 73, Akufen, Scratch Pet Land, Mille Plateaux artists, Mego artists, 12k artists, that kinda stuff.

People I’d most like to jam with: synth players, laptop musicians, circuit benders, and especially percussionists
People who’d still be great to jam with: bassists and guitarists who use effect boxes or other signal processing

Thanks, hope to hear from you if you’re on the same wavelength