Electronic Music in Kaohsiung

Hey folks!

Just wondering if you can comment on the presence/location of any electronic music hotspots in Kaohsiung.

I just had a look through the threads here, and it looks like nobody’s had anything to say about it for about four years. That might be a sign in itself.

Genre-wise, I’ll leave things open for the purposes of discussion. Original or remixed stuff, house, drum n’ bass, trance, harder stuff…

I’m really looking for the culture as much as the music. I’d love to improve my meager dancing abilities, and meet some cool people with similar musical taste.

one place to look


If you’re still interested…

Not much going on in K-town at the moment. Has been downhill for a while and and continuing to slide imo. For electronic, you can always count on PP (Private Party Disco), but seems people don’t really want to go there much anymore. For hiphop (read: hip-POP) go to Dreams or Lamp. Or for the top 40ish danceable stuff, there’s Pig & Whistle (I don’t know personally; just repeating what I’ve heard). You can also try Roof Park. I haven’t been there for ages, so I’m not sure what format they’re going with now. My guess, a combo of hiphop and house. Probably leaning more towards hiphop. But who knows?

Try Barcode as well. No dancing, but they do have dj’s. Mostly lounge style (it’s a lounge bar) but they get into funky house as well.

In addition, there’s plenty of one-off’s at various locations. Subscribe to the Yahoo group “Kaohsiung Living” for updates on those.

I’ve also been hearing about some place at this location: 218 Jhongjheng 2nd Rd. 2nd Floor Kaohsiung. They haven’t posted a name of the place, but give this description: “A Club & Lounge with a beautiful atmospheres and a great sound System.” Can anyone attach a name to it??

For actual electronic music, have a listen to some of my tunes: reverbnation.com/djglenn