Electronic translator- English to Hanyu Pinyin

I’m looking for an electronic translator, English to Hanyu Pinyin. Has anyone come across one in Taiwan?

Closest thing I’m aware of is using PlecoDict on a PDA. I think quite a few of the electronic dictionaries will give you Tongyong Pinyin but I’m not sure if they have Hanyu Pinyin these days. Haven’t bought one since I went over to PlecoDict on PDA, which has been more useful for me (more compact, handwriting input, and cheaper.)


About 12 years ago I had one, by the name of “Instant Dick” or something like that. No, “Instadict”, I think. It would provide E-C, returning traditional characters, but then you could highlight the characters and ask it to pronounce them. You could also highlight an individual character and call up the Hanyu Pinyin for it. But it would not return tonally marked Hanyu Pinyin in a string for the whole word, phrase or sentence, no, and that’s what I imagine you’d want.

Try DimSum.