Electronics parts shop (e.g. transistors, ICs)

I usually go to 2 places for electronics parts (see below). They are professional and have a lot… but not enough.

For example, I need 1% metal film resistors, 4.7 Ohm. But, they don’t have metal film resistors, and their values start from 10 Ohm…

So, are there any Forumosans who are into electronics, and know another professional shop that I could try?


I usually go to:
今華 “Chin Hua”, Xinsheng S. Rd. Sec. 1 Lane 12, 2 (02-23921111) www.jin-hua.com.tw
金電子 “Kinsten”, Civic Blvd. Sec. 1, 100 (underground shopping street near exit 7) (02-25581912) www.kinsten.com.tw

Can’t guarantee they have what you are looking for but try the South-West corner of Zhongxiao and Zhonghua Road, North of Ximending. There are two shops (along Zhonghua Rd.) that sell electronic components.

Thanks, Rascal! I’m gonna check it out.

I must say I was wrong about the resistors. I found out that I actually asked them for gang1tie3 resistors, which is steel, not metal! Of course, there is no such thing as steel resistors. I should have used jin1shu3, which is metal. So, problem solved. They have metal resistors; all 1% resistors are metal ones, the 5% ones are carbon.

However I am still looking for the really professional shop, because in those of my previous post, they can hardly answer questions about parts or electronics in general.


p.s. Anothe place I found recently at the computer market near Zhongxiao Xinsheng, small but quite good:
鉅欣(ju4xin1) “Coms Co. Ltd.” at Guanghua Shangchang booth 154-155 (02-23563531)

I happen to be after an infer red sensor for our aircon unit. I live in Chungho, so is the computer market the best place to go for that? I am really stuck for one as I can’t use the aircon at all unless I fix it.

Rascal, now THAT’s the kind of shops I was looking for! Thanks!!!

I went there, found two big shops at Zhonghua Road Sec. 1, number 16 and number 18. At 16, that one is really big, it has two floors, it’s the biggest electronics parts shop I found here so far. It’s so big that I didn’t have time to take a look around the whole place, and with the range of electronics tools… it’s basically a hardware shop as well. Here’s the info in case others need it:

DFD (德昌富鴻) Sec. 1 Zhonghua Road 16, phone 02-23815178, www.dfd.com.tw

And it might be interesting for some: there is a small shop just around the corner there that repairs (builds?) tube amplifiers.

sulavaca, I’d say check any of the shops I’ve given here. Just give them a call to check if they have IR sensors. It saves you the trouble of having to go there without being sure they have what you need.

Glad I could be of help.

Next time you are in the area check out that 2nd hand electronics / audio complex at Xining & Zhongxiao Rd. It’s a kind of, well, “interesting”. :wink:

Found this place at Guanghua Shangchang:

High-end audio electronic components
Descartes Trading Co., Ltd. (真合貿易)
5-2, Sec. 1 Bade Road

A small but very decent shop near Ximending:

Syntax Taiwan Co., Ltd. (勝野)
No. 8, Lane 21, Sec. 1, Zhonghua Rd.