Elementary school teachers

I would like to know how the various elementary school projects in Taiwan differ from each other, what the issues are that teachers have to face, how fair the contracts are, how teachers and management interact, how teachers deal with the challenges they face, etc. I would also like to hear from teachers if they would like to interact as professionals on national basis. As yet, there is no forum for elementary school teachers to voice their opinions. Are you for or against the status quo?

Edit: The forum I meant doesn’t refer to a forum at forumosa.com. I meant any forum whatsoever.

Edit 2:In some less liberal counties, the teachers seem to be unable to voice their opinion without incurring the wrath of the powers that be. Sometimes contracts prohibit any discussion on certain topics. Professional teachers cannot be muzzled this way. Personally I don’t have any grievance with my employers neither am thinking of establishing a forum for rants, raves or complaints. I I just feel that there should be some way in which professional teachers can communicate with their colleagues in a dignified way.