Elephant paints elephant

We shouldn’t always try to judge animals on our terms. Of course it’s normal for most animals not to paint, they don’t have any ‘hands’ FFS. Dogs are mostly not interested in TV? Are they dumb, no, it’s because unless they are old it looks like a load of images jumping around on the screen due the way their visual system is different than ours. Plus it has humans talking in a strange language, not very interesting to a dog. In the same manner dogs do not see in ‘black and white’, they just see in a different colour spectrum than we do.[/quote]

True enough, partly.

Dogs do have a different sense of vision, but not all dogs have the same difference in visual senses. For example, the ancestral dog type, the long nose dogs, have an active field of view that stretches much wider across their retina than humans’, mostly in terms of the density of colour receptors in the cnetre of our field of vision, and area called the fovea or the area centralis. Ancestral dogs have a much broader stripe across the entire retina, so they are able to focus on and are very sensitive to movement all around their filed of view. they have far more peripheral vision, which is of course useful if you;re a hunter.

Short-nosed dog breeds, on the other hand, have their area of maximum visual acuity and sensitivity focussed in one small spot, like humans do, and funnily enough, short nosed dogs are quite happy to watch TV. It is also why they make much better companions than long nosed hunting breeds, and why they are much less likely to react to things further away and behind them…

[quote=“Dr. McCoy”]They disappear. The fly will be buzzing around being a pest and as soon as you get the fly swatter you cannot find him anymore.
So you hang the fly swatter back up, and here he comes again.[/quote]

Ok, so they might be smarter than we give them credit for…however try lifting your hand or walking around without the fly swatter…see if there is a difference.

It’s art alright. But the perspective is all wrong, in both dimensions.

Fridgeworthy, if you happen to be its mother.

When I was in high school, I was writing a short story about a guy who makes a computer out of the brains and nervous systems of flies. It was one huge smelly mess. But I never wrote it all because I couldn’t think of anything that happened.