Eligibility for NWHOR passport if my mother is Taiwanese NWHOR

Hi all,

I’m currently holding a Philippine passport while my mother is a Taiwanese (NWHOR) born in 1969. She never had an HHR in Taiwan, no dual citizenship and just an alien card despite living in the Philippines all throughout. I was wondering if I am able to still apply for the same passport as her?

The requirements are written here: https://www.roc-taiwan.org/ph_en/post/81.html, however, I am not exactly sure because when I asked the TECO Manila months back, they neither agreed nor disagreed.

The importance for me is mostly keeping the heritage, making my Chinese name legal, and possibly settling in Taiwan after my studies in Europe.

Thank you :pray:

Yes you should be able to get a NWHOR passport and if you decide to go to Taiwan later, a TARC.

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If I remember correctly, you should be eligible for the NWOHR passport, but maybe not TARC (at least under some of the categories for application). This thread might be similar to your case: My mother is NWHOR with supporting documents but her application TARC AF384 was refused by NIA - #5 by Hayashi

If you just want the passport and Chinese name done for heritage purposes, completing the passport part would be enough for that.

TARC would make settling in Taiwan easier, but there are other options for that.

The best thing to do is probably email the NIA in Taiwan with as many specific details as possible.


Thank you!

Got it! Thank you so much for the information!

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