Eligibility for NWOHR passport+TARC if no active household registration at time of birth

How to reactivate your grandma’s hhr, in Chinese.

If your father is on hukou, I think he can also renew his hhr in the same way, and he can get his id number at that time.

Thanks everyone for the great information. I read through most of the posts, but May have missed this. Can I apply under AF353 if I have both parents whose HHR recently went inactive (December 2020) but I have their National IDs with me in Taiwan. They haven’t been able to travel back to activate due to Covid. I do have an uncle on dads side who lives here and has active HHR.

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Sorry for reviving an old thread, so you couldn’t get full citizenship because your parent HHR was not activate at the time of birth? As in the parent moved out their HHR?

I haven’t pursued this actively since then, but in the meantime I have come to believe that my case does qualify for getting a residency/ID card (shenfenzheng)/full citizenship. My current understanding is that as long as the HHR existed for my parent at the time of my birth (and was not explicitly renounced), then even if the HHR was in “moved out” status, this still qualifies.

But more importantly, this all does not matter anymore for my case – all of the above discussion was based on the old law where I would have had to apply for a TARC, using AF384, and a 1-year residency. But with the new law passed, my understanding (someone correct me if I am wrong!) is that if you are born to a Taiwanese who had valid HHR (even if in “moved out” status when you were born), then, under the new law, you automatically qualify to apply for residency/ID card (shenfenzheng)/full citizenship and do not need the intermediate step of applying for a TARC and do not need to complete a 1-year Taiwan residency anymore.

It’s going to be some time before I am able to proceed concretely with my own application plans, so please feel free to share your own experiences if/when you go through the application process yourself. I think we all are interested in if the new law (where the 1-year residency requirement has supposedly been dropped) works as expected, and if NWOHRs born overseas can immediately apply for an ID card and HHR.

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There is no such concept as an “inactive” HHR. Once you have obtained HHR, it is active for life, unless you renounce your Taiwanese citizenship.

If you move overseas, your HHR will be moved out of your old address in Taiwan, and be placed in a temporary holding spot (the nearest HHR office of your last address). This, however, doesn’t mean it’s “inactive”. It just means it doesn’t have a Taiwan address on it.

You are still entitled to all the rights and privileges of any Taiwanese citizen (unless it’s something that requires you to physically be in Taiwan).