Eliud Kipchoge Ineos 159 Challenge

Saturday October 12, 2019 Eliud Kipchoge will reattempt to run a sub 2 hour marathon in Vienna. Start is estimated between 5-9 am local time.

Live stream here;


For some background, here is a documentary detailing the first attempt 2 years ago;

I can’t imagine the focus that is required to keep this pace. This man is something else.

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This man is insanely great. I was there last year in Berlin when he passed me (as an audience) near the Brandenburg Gate and he just shattered the record. And now it’s a sub 2-hour…

That’s an awesome shot. His stride is so elegant.

Judging by the photo above looks like Nike already in there with the sponsorship deal. I hope he didn’t sign anything too long-dated… I’d imagine his market price just went up pretty high.

Read this. Those shoes are part of his success.

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Money wise this man is set for life.

Nike is full into it with marketing. They used newly developed, unreleased Nike marathon shoes for that record run.

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I knew these rubbish Airwalk trainers are the reason I am such a bad runner.

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