Can you buy elk in Taiwan lol ?

Yep, there is an elk street over near Dongmen Station.

No, only caribou.

Where about?

Can you buy it raw or in cooked dishes?

Ostrich is pretty easy. Local deer certainly (farmed?). I’ve seen alligator. Not elk though

Dog would probably be easier to find, unfortunately.

I don’t know lol


Mr milk man. Where can I buy reindeer?


Reindeer tastes good (actually no it doesn’t taste good at all now I think back).
But elk is the best.

I spent some time in Sweden.


Where you talking about a damn bicycle?

I really want to try elk. Heard good things about it.

Grandpa Wang’s Caribou Fast Fry Bar & Grill.

Not as good as venison, better than moose.

For health purposes I heard wild Elk is one of the best.

“Health purposes” how?


It’s healthy to eat wild elk. Grass fed animal, low calories and fat but high in protein. People who eat it say that they feel way healthier and their body functions better. Tastes delicious. Many nutrients.

Yeah, I suppose, but more so than venison or moose?