Elon Musk bought Twitter

Please: ‘cancel culture’.When someone wants to criticize you or not patronize you it is ‘cancel culture’.

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To seven-year-olds?

Depends on what is being taught and how its being taught. Just general awareness that some people are trans and its not wrong is ok.

Knowing what’s being taught and how it’s being taught would be great. That should obviously be open to all parents upon request.

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Yeah exactly, thats why its hard to make any judgement without context and actual details. If it is actual “indoctrination” then of course thats not acceptable

Watch the clip. This is the mind of the progressives.

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It’s the mind of an asshole saying stupid shit, like Musk, also an asshole, has also done. Politics knows no bounds in that respect.

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I would have agreed in 2014; but the mind of progressives honestly broke once Trump was elected in 2016. Rather than try to understand why they lost, the progressives embarked on an over-the-top BS campaign with the full backing of the media. It can only go so far of course, and now we are seeing the system in a state of self-correction (hopefully).

It’s funny to see the progressives all of a sudden call Elon an asshole now. He’s the same person he was a decade ago. Same with Trump. What changed is the progressives mindset has gotten out of control into the extreme, where emotion takes precedent over critical thinking.


Elon Musk has Asperger’s? I didn’t know that.

I’ve thought Musk is a prick since he called that British diver who wanted to rescue those trapped kids a “pedo” solely because he was living in Thailand and had the audacity to dismiss Musk’s dumb idea for getting them out. I think calling someone a pedophile (pretty much the worst insult in the world) to your millions of rabid followers on social media is worse than privately mocking someone’s Asperger’s on the list of shitty things.


Emotion has people (like some on this forum) sycophantically orbiting Musk because he knows how to pander to their perspective and grievances.

Critical thinking bestows the knowledge that Musk is a textbook swindler and manipulator, and should not be trusted. How is that Twitter buy panning out by the way? Oh, Musk being Musk again? :rofl: Critical thinking helps people not fall for the same BS over and over.

Yet many here do not even realize that Musk is not the founder of, but the 4th CEO of Tesla…a real testimony to the effective cult of personality his PR team has built

Musk is an asshole because he’s an asshole, not because of others mind set or narrative. This was made abundantly clear with the pedo case (as an example) that has nothing to do with politics.


Critical thinking shows how genius his move to buy Twitter is because it’s triggered an audit to fix something that has long plagued the Twitter feed (spam, bots, algo), and he doesn’t necessarily need to complete the purchase in order to achieve the positive results he/we all seek/s.

And? Is this supposed to discredit Elons achievements?

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You really are falling for everything hook, line, and sinker huh. I also have some beachfront property in New Mexico to sell you! Well, Elon Musk could convince you I am sure…

He is channeling the same energy as Trump, albeit he is doing it more effectively.

But am I wrong? :laughing:

Some of us are just following for the lulz, get lectured about how a few hundred Russian bots can influence people, well, we know that.

How about you own the company and manipulate whatever you like and turns out half of Bidens followers are bots? Lololol. What do you think you can do with millions of bots?

Then there’s the Twitter employees (Tweeps, hahahahaha) who describe the place as commie as fuck, don’t believe in free speech make fun of people with aspergers and are running down the road and hiding in bars to escape reporters from Project Veritas.

It’s all a hoot really, although I agree Musk was an ass for making the comments about the guy in Thailand. But so what, he is proving to be a source of entertainment.

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:rofl: :rofl::rofl: :rofl::rofl: :rofl:

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:wink: See you can have fun too, no need to be so serious all the time.

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What does he do? Does he dehumanize whole nations? Is he demanding people give up their nationality before participating in things?

Give us an example