Email to sms with chunghwa telecom?

Does anybody know how to send/setup an email to sms service with chunghwa telecom?

Back at home I used to have something like <> where my server would send mail alerts to in the case of getting hacked.

Is it somewhere on that page? Does it actually exist? Sorry, I can’t read :wink:


I don’t use Chunghwa, but in my experience, none of the * to sms services work in Taiwan, on any provider.

And thank God they don’t work. That’s where wireless spam comes from. Actually, I think they did have this service about a year go, but disabled it because of so many complaints (I was one of the complainers! - damn near got rid of my cellphone before the spam deluge suddenly ceased).

Chunghwa almost but not quite has email to sms service. What you have to do first is get a hinet email-only account. This will cost NT80 per month. With this account you can the use this program or your own:

to send messages. There used to a web page you could use, but it has either been moved or discontinued. The backend server still works though, so you can write a program to convert and relay your mail. Your email account will get charged a nominal fee per message, something around 0.5NT per message. I have a perl script that does this if anyone is interested.

I would not recommend doing this though. As others have mentioned, your email to sms address will become a spam magnet. I turned mine off middle of last year because it was too much trouble.