Once I used to send a card to somebody and what I liked about it was that it told you when the receiver had opened the email. Is there a way of getting the same info with a normal email?

I seem to remember that when I started using email about ten years ago, Netscape Composer had a checkbox for this option. If you checked it, you’d get an automatic email back when the other person read your email.

Am I just imagining this or was it really a feature?

Anyway, I don’t think that current email programs have this. Probably because of spam. If a spammer knows you’ve read his email, your email address is worth a lot more to him.

You can request a return receipt in Outlook and Outlook Express. But I have it set to ask me if someone does and I usually say no.
What mail viewer do you use and “we” could guide you.

Me? Webmail. Suppose I could get Thunderbird or something, but then I’d have to pay the free webmail providers for the POP3 service.

I have 4 webmail from 3 providers. gmail lets you do POP, and my old hotmail lets me check through Oultook Exp. (but I hear the killed that for new ysers).

I find it faster to use the (bad) outlook to chack them all at once. Tbird would probably be a good idea :slight_smile: