Embedding Reddit Videos

Let me try…

Edit: No, it didn’t work.

For reference, this is the code I posted above:

<iframe id="reddit-embed" src="https://www.redditmedia.com/r/aww/comments/spe4x8/a_german_shepherd_got_put_in_another_room_while/?ref_source=embed&amp;ref=share&amp;embed=true" sandbox="allow-scripts allow-same-origin allow-popups" style="border: none;" height="638" width="640" scrolling="no"></iframe>

I think Discourse doesn’t work with iframe embedded videos. @tempogain do you know something about it?

Oh well - I thought I’d done that successfully before (e.g. in the dog and piano post earlier in that thread), but maybe I’m misremembering. That dog & piano post currently opens to Reddit on both my computer (Safari) and iPhone.

Just post the url. It will embed automatically.


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You can link to video directly, but reddit separates video and audio. So it will have no sound.



That’s what I regularly do with Twitter, and have done a handful of times with Reddit. But with Twitter links, the embedded video can play “inside” forumosa, without opening a new window. The Reddit links currently do the annoying thing of opening a new window. Maybe they’ve always done that with Reddit, but I hadn’t noticed until today.

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Discourse has a setup to allow that for Twitter.

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And not for Reddit?

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I don’t think so. There’s this topic

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