Emergency alert - missiles!


You are collecting Taiwan Civil Defence Exercise Promotional Surgical (Strike) Masks?

Couldn’t you get an interesting hobby, like…train spotting?

If it turns out to be worth Big Money I’ll be pissed off, because I think I used it when I lost my foam one on the train.

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Sorry, mate. Might as well be in Chinese.

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It might. I collect special masks, some fetch several thousand on the internet. Seriously. And I haven’t even seen those you speak of. The rarest, the most $$$.

And seriously, you should not be using foam masks. I just got scolded by my ENT, because he thinks my fancy color masks are not as protective as the standard medical ones.

For forumosans not fully familiar with Taiwan English, “ENT” refers to a doctor specializing in ears, nose, throat.


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Fahsands eh? I’m hoping you’re winding me up, but people are strange…I don’t think there was anything special about the mask, just the wrapper, I’m told, was promoting the exercise.

Re foam mask effectiveness, dunno, havn’t seen any data on it, but I think its likely because there’s no wire so they dont conform to the shape of your nose. In winter, when my main concern is smog (though they are relatively ineffective against that), I use the foam mask inside a surgical one, because its washable.

I’'m due my second Moderna jab on the 22nd, so peak side effects for the start of teaching. Huzzah!

After that I wont be hugely concerned about protection since I think getting a real infection sooner rather than later may be an optimal survival strategy.

Course if it kills me I’ll look pretty silly.

Whats “Taiwan English” about that?

English English, OK. Maybe Americans don’t use that acronym

I was not aware that “ENT” is intelligible to folks in the UK.

It’s not immediately comprehensible to those of us from the other side of the pond.


I used to work in the (old) Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, so its possible I’ve had Atypical Medical Acronym Signage Exposure, (AMASE) but I think its in general UK use.

I’d think Taiwan English is essentially American English with some Chinglish modification.

I ain’t pulling your leg. Frozen masks go for like 3000 NTD, the Japan-Taiwan friendship several hundred. MRT special Harry Potter edition is also over a thousand.

Whale’s vagina?

Yes. Name comes from Wan An county, Jiangxi province. Still means a whole lot of peace. Same as Yongan or Changan.


Oh the Drill thing. I suppose it does sound like Inuit, come to think on’t

San Diego.

@Dr_Milker your customer

Yilan has nothing worth invading. Find comfort in that.

Sorry, we’re booked solid through CNY…

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