Emergency - Cats need home ASAP

Emergency - Cats need home ASAP

Dear Forumosans,


Because of serious health problems I have to return to the United States in a few days.

I have two cats who need a good home as soon as possible!

I 'm NOT asking for money, but for any help you can give finding someone to take in my cats.

NOTE - I have no other solutions - I have already contacted family, friends, and several Taiwan animal rescue organizations. NO ONE can offer any help.

NOTE: The US government (Taiwan AIT) is repatriating me - loaning me the air fare for the US - I have NO financial resources and time is very limited.

  • I would like to take my two cats with me, but AIT will not provide the funds.

Cats information …

  • Fon-fon - healthy, male, age 12, vaccinated, desexed.
  • Aya - healthy, female, age 4, vaccinated, NOT desexed.

IMPORTANT - These cats are my only family! I would never willingly leave them! But my heart and other health problems have worsened and I need to go to the US for proper care.

Please let me know if you can help me.

Thank you for your attention.


EMAIL - englishbridge@yahoo.com

Jeremy Johnston

PHONE - I do not have a phone. But I am home all day.

I’ll share it on some social media, that’s all I can do :frowning: this is really sad! Good luck and wish you health!

I will repost this among all of my contacts. I am sorry I can’t take them myself. :frowning:

If you can prove your situation is genuine, we can bring them into The Sanctuary. Are you able to cover any of their future expenses? Are they vaccinated? Neutered?

EX ANIMO - I sent you an email.

Thank all of you for replying.

I still have not found a home for my cats!

Please help if you can!

The cats will come to The Sanctuary. We’ll then see about shipping them to shayshay when his circumstances allow. Looking forward to introducing them to our twelve other cats.

Yay! That’s good to hear. How’s the other cats? Reese is doing ok?