Emergency Numbers


If you live in Taipei, I will suggest you just call “1999”. It’s a 24 hours line made by city government and it’s very effeciency. They help everything. My sister tried to call them to complain about our noisy neighbor in the mid-night. The police comes in 10 minutes only.

We taiwanese always be nice for foreigner. I’m sure you can make it in 5 minutes.


Receiption is bad or totally lost? If receiption of your home network is lost the phone (not all, just some models) may give this message because you could use other networks to make an emergency call, but if there is a network or not the phone wouldn’t know until you actually try to make that emergency call. BFM is therefore right, no network, no call.[/quote]So if someone tries to make an emergency call at the time the phone is displaying this message, the phone will try to find other networks?[/quote]

Richard Quest was on about this on CNN this morning, something about business travel and hotel security…He maintained that the 112 number would work on a cell that was locked, without a SIM and out of range of your service provider. His point was, that in an emergency situation, any cell phone, even if not your own, becomes a useful tool for rescue. He didn’t go into details about how it all worked, but he was advocating it…Of course, the first thing I was tempted to do was to take out my SIM card and give it a try; didn’t though… :aiyo:


112 is the international emergency number. And yes, it is supposed to work even if you have no SIM but there are couple of countries where you do need a SIM.


Who would you connect to? Local emergency services, like 911 or 119?


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Hello all, it would be great to find a telephone number/email where we can report brush fires up on Yangmingshan. Allegedly we heard that is supposed to be illegal to start fires, but many houses along Yong Gong Road burn trash piles all of the time and it really puts smoke pollution over the city. Not to mention, some of these idiots actually burn plastic items in the garden trash piles and then light them up with kerosene to get them started in the rain. Kind of amusing to see the heavy smoke clouds pass over and around the Police Station but apparently the police do not notice.


For problems in the Yangming Shan area, which is in Taipei, try 1999.