Emerging Englasian

This is taken from FEER, an article about the emerging on englasian newspeak in asia.

lbis.kenyon.edu/services/archive … /1979.html

Gibberish. God I hate Singlish.

Me too. If I was the aussie entrepreneur, I would have told the Malaysian investor to shove his ringgit where sun don’t shine and then give the “Indian accountant named Indra” a damned good kicking.

I agree. People in Singapore and Malaysia can speak whatever language they like to each other, but if they expect the rest of the world to understand them that’s another thing…

These people are supposed to be educated, have an international outlook, etc. Therefore they can speak a form of English that can be understood internationally when appropriate. Singlish is nothing more than a pidgin.

didn’t they say “when in Rome, eat the Chinese noodles”?


Damnit, it’s PASTA!

Gave me a goddam headache. Thanks Ax.

I find it rather charming, especially when I imagine hearing it spoken with a delightfully lilting Singaporean accent by a ravishingly gorgeous and mischievously sexy “Singapore girl”.

:smiley: I thought I was alone in finding Singlish melodius. I’m fond of Indian English, too. Give me Singlish any day over Jeffrey Mindisch’s emasculations!

“Singapore girl - you’re a great way to …”

Thanks Ax,
I couldn’t help but move my head from side when I was reading the Indian’s lines!
And I’m going to have to speak like that too. Preparing for a trip to a part of India where I need to be able to blend into the local population.

Just watch some old episodes of “The Simpsons”. :laughing:

I’ve just enrolled in the screenwriting class. I yearn to tell the story of an idealistic young Hindu, pushed too far by convenience store bandits. I call it “Hands Off My Jerky, Turkey”. - Apu

you know what TL (Tee El) is in Singapore?
It’s Abbrev for Toa Liap, which in hokkien dialect litterally mean Big boobs…
See that TL over there having her kopiguni


Look at it again. All it is doing is using Chiense grammar but saying English words. I don’t know why they put an Indian guy in there. It’s obviously 100% Chinese grammar. I don’t believe this sotry at all. I know that in Singapore there’s a bit of a mix and match dialect, but I doubt it’s much like that.


Speaking in Tongues - by David B. Kent, Konyang University is another reference to Japlish, Konglish, and Chinglish…


Its written by Nury Vittachi, a humorist who had a column in the South China Morning Post for years and who now does much the same thing for the FEER. You can tell its humour because you can understand what the Aussie is saying. :wink: Which just made me recall “routine checks” again. :laughing:

But Australian only has four vowels, or is it three? :laughing: