Emissions test - how frequent?

I have a test certificate for the emissions test for my scooter. A little bird in my brain keeps telling me it is valid for two years. Right?

I tested on 2004/10/13 so my next test should be 2006/10/13?

I’ve had no other paper work to tell me otherwise. Am I right?



I think it’s only one year. I’ll wait for others to chime in. I’m sure someone knows.

Not sure if one year or two years. Is it possible that starting a certain age test must be done every year but before that only every two years? For cars there is such a regulation but for scooters I don’t know. :help:

Coincidentally, my emissions test also falls due in October. I’m pretty sure I’ve had my mechanic tell me that it’s a yearly thing. The easiest thing to do might be to go ask your local mechanic. He’d definitely know. I don’t ride my scooter much anymore, so I probably won’t be in to see the mechanic any time soon.

It’s once a year, at least for older bikes, though I’m not sure when that kicks in. I think that the OP might have been confusing this with the renewal of the blue registration card, which is every two years.

If you’ve lost your emissions check sticker, there should at least be a little chop on the blue card to show when the emissions check was last done and hence when the next one is due.

As Scomargo suggested, check with your mechanic.

:blush: Solly about the crappy spelling - too hurried to look it up! The emissions test should be done once a year, however no one except me seems to be worried that my bike wasn’t tested. The mechanic sorted it out, and incidentally it was free.

Thanks. L.

Glad that you got it sorted out, Limey. I read somewhere in the newspaper a few months ago that the police were going to seriously start enforcing proof of these emissions tests for scooters. However, I haven’t really heard much about it since then. Still, better to be safe than sorry. Especially if it’s free, which it probably is if you get your scooter serviced somewhere.

(As opposed to “not brand new”) Err…sorry to interrupt the banter (or is it squabbling?) but just thought I’d say that I THINK I’ve read its every SIX MONTHS if the vehicle is over 10 years old.

Thats all…carry on.

The banter was fine (I was thinking of putting in a nocturnal emissions quip myself but HGC beat me to it), but the squabbling was not, so I’ve removed both as it’s too messy to try to split one from the other.

I’ll check about the emissions regs. when I get the chance.

I was gonna say, it’s a spelling test you should be worried about! :smiley:

:bravo: Thanks joesax for altering my emitions…er…I mean emissions…Dictionaries are so useful. Guess I need to buy one. :blush:


Pretty sure it’s every six months, (car or motorcycle) if your ride is over ten years old.