Emoji requests



I almost forgot: will “disco” come back into style?


What about some vomit/puke emoji? Like or ?


You lost me on that one too :slight_smile: This one? http://www.forumosa.com/taiwan/images/smilies/Rainbow.gif


Not too crazy about the other one :slight_smile:


I believe it was called “discodance”, but the filename is just “dance”:

The better rofl:

And this sleepy is better than the Discourse sleepy :sleeping:, because this one is happy:


What about ?


Or how about these? :slight_smile:


I just noticed the :rolling_eyes: has changed! :astonished:

Actually it seems like several emojis have changed. But the strange thing here is it’s now called “roll_eyes” instead of “rolling_eyes”, yet you get the same emoji with either name.

The old “roll” :roll: is unchanged.

I have nothing against the new :roll_eyes:, but I really liked the other one, which expresses something a little different. Can we get it back? :praying:


I think the set we’re using, EmojiOne, upgraded to version 3.0 recently:


You may have to take it up with them :no_mouth:


Looks like we have a new emoji interface with an exciting “skin tone” feature for people :bowing_man::bowing_man:t2::bowing_man:t3::bowing_man:t4::bowing_man:t5::bowing_man:t6:


I think we’re missing a few of these.


Sarcastic face.

Which emoji conveys sarcasm?


I would say this one : :smirk:

But it may not be necessary, as everyone understands when someone is using sarcasm online :smirk:


I want an emoji of every Avenger and Justice Leaguer.



These are not good nor clear enough facepalms.


There is “doh”



But…But…The meaning is not doh, is it?


It can be, as in “doh, I really screwed that one up.” I think we could change the name if people think “facepalm” makes more sense though.


The palm is sort of on the top of the head, not exactly on the face. Doh and facepalm just aren’t the same thing. :2cents:


Did we used to have another facepalm?


I don’t think so. :man_facepalming: :woman_facepalming:

It’s just that facepalming is its own thing, you know.

D’oh is basically damn it! Facepalm is basically oh God!