Employer withholding statement of earnings. what to do?

looking for some advice. am still trying to get my old employer to give me a statement of earnings and taxes paid for last year. have been told they don’t have this form, and the tax was added to another employees statement. why? i have no idea. it is now almost two months past the deadline, the tax office says i need this form, and i am still not sure how to proceed. any suggestions? let me know.


Which Tax Department is this? Ask the Tax department to go after the employer for failing to report his taxes and preventing you from filing your own. Of course they have this form, or some form similar to it.

If this is Taipei or Taipei County, contact us. We’ve gotten employers to hand this over to the employee and the tax department.

I had a similar situation a few years back. I went to the tax office and when they insisted that I needed the form, I was equally as insistent that as they needed it that they should get it from my employer as I hadn’t been able to. I sat by the tax office people when they called. The outcome was a large fine for the employer for not paying mine and other employees tax, despite withholding this money from us.

The tax office can be your friend, particularly when you have done nothing wrong. My experience was in Taipei.

Just went through this. In short, I insisted that my past employer either A) give me the statement, or B) refund all money that they deducted from my pay. In the end, they chose B. Knowing how the Taiwanese hate to part with money, you can only imagine why they chose that option.

I then went to pay the tax myself, and discovered to my surprise that the nice and helpful tax lady was not interested in the story so long as I declared some amount of income and paid the tax.

That said, I think they would have called the employer if I had needed it. I’ve heard that advice given before and the tax people seemed helpful, even if not proactive.