Employers and medical privacy

My partner’s been dealing with an annoying medical issue. She was told this morning she needs to have a minor outpatient procedure to deal with it today. That means she’ll miss work. Her employer very insistently wants to know what the diagnosis and procedure are. Since it’s a fairly sensitive issue, she’d rather that share. She works at a buxiban so it’s not like she gets sick pay. Does her employer have a right to know private medical information?

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No, if she’s taking sick leave then a note from the doctor stating she is not fit for duties due to a medical issue should be sufficient. If she’s taking personal leave then tell them to take a running jump.

If they are insistent then simply ask them why they want to know. Do they feel better qualified than the doctor to decide if the procedure is required? Will they take responsibility for future medical bills if she postpones the procedure in order to go to the office?