"Employment gold card" for some foreigners

I did the same actually, and they said its find as long as you have the print out from the portal.

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11/20 Submission date
12/14 Passport Submission
12/23 Mailed the Application to D.C. TECO
12/31 Notified that I need to go in person to properly do the passport validation. The office is now figuring out if I need to either a) submit/mail more documents to D.C. or b) I can do it in NY instead.

Unfortunately I chose the TECO in USA (which is in D.C.) but I live in NY. So when trying to get it validated, it took ~3-4 days back and forth to find a solution that would ship my passport and application to D.C to be validated.

Seems like experiences vary depending on office location, but my experience has been quite frustrating and a huge hassle to get things sorted.

I randomly clicked on a bunch of hotels on the Taipei city govt’s list, and all of them are fully booked after the first week of January

Seems like this could be a problem…

There’s more availability in hotels outside of Taipei, especially Kaohsiung. You need to call the phone numbers for the city listed on the right hand column at https://taiwan.taiwanstay.net.tw/covhotel/ and ask for English. They’ll put someone on the phone who speaks English. Give them your dates and preferences (like price range and windows), and they’ll give you a list of hotels that are available.

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Awesome, thanks. Long drive to Kaohsiung haha. Strange they don’t list any hotels in Taichung. But they do have a phone number for that city, so I’ll call them when the time comes. (I guess the ones in Taichung are just staying anonymous.)

Yeah, it’s supposed to be a 4 hour drive to Kaohsiung (per Google Maps), but my taxi driver did it in about 3 hours (at night)! And the taxi price is subsidized by the government for quarantine, so instead of 10,000 NTD, it’s just 2,660 NTD.

I was able to get a much bigger hotel room (with separate living room) in Kaohsiung for a low price (2,500 NTD/nt). The pickings in Taipei were really slim and undesirable as I booked on short notice.

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Thanks for sharing this update. How does it compare to the previous policy? Does this imply they will now recognise a 160k tech salary alone as a sufficient qualification, without requiring such candidates to additionally meet other requirements such as holding patents/awards/etc?

My understanding is the text of the salary criteria has been updated to make it clear that you also need to attach evidence that you have tech related experience.
Before it may have been misleading that attaching salary evidence alone was sufficient.

Does anyone know if the impact of no foreigners after Jan 1st on Gold Card entry?

It apparently does not impact gold card holders.

I would guess that if you don’t have your physical gold card yet, it is still fine to enter with the confirmation letter, but you may meet resistance from airlines who don’t understand the rules. I’m sure that in the next few days, users will post their experience entering on here.

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We’ve put together an FAQ on how to enter in Taiwan during the pandemic : https://taiwangoldcard.com/application-faq/entering-taiwan-pandemic/

If anyone would have more information, contributions are welcome :slight_smile: : https://github.com/taiwangoldcard/website


Yup. Just got GC and was planning on heading out this week. Seems like Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung quarentine hotels are pretty much sold out till end of January as lots of taiwanese are returning home for Chinese New year.

Let us know what you figure out.

I applied under economy on Dec 2 so I’m hoping to get approval this week

have you tried aloft ? they had lots of rooms when i checked, although i ended up going with a different option

I did email aloft Taipei Beitou. Although the spreadsheet website shows many rooms, they are booked until Feb.

There are rumors some governments may add more quarentine hotels, but it seems almost impossible to find one right now.

There may be some available, but they won’t tell you which they are for you to look up photos and view quality. They don’t want people to know that the hotels are also used for quarantining.

You could check Hanns House if you are desparate

Bad news for me…

I applied under economy/salary, and used a K-1 form (US tax form showing share of business income). At least two others have done this and been approved but they didn’t accept mine…

"Application result: documentation is insufficient. 1. The Individual Income Tax Return of 2019 (1040 form) shows the amount of the wages, salaries, tips. For that it is not certain how much of the amount is income on salary, please provide the W-2 form for reference. 2. The Form 1120S Schedule k-1 states the shareholder’s share of income, deductions, credits, etc. However, it is not certain which amount is income on salary. Please explain if the tax statement filed has the information required (amount of personal income on salary as to the definition aforementioned) and provide more supporting documents if necessary. 3. Or please supplement other tax statement or salary certificate showing that within three years prior to applying you hold a position with monthly salary of at least NT$160,000. (the tax statement or salary certificate refers to either one of the following: 1. Tax withholding statement or official tax certification. (In the case where the official certification is not available according to tax related regulations, the tax certification, after detailing that regulations, may be replaced by the employer’s statement.) 2. Employment contract with potential future employer in Taiwan.) Documents should include the stamp, seal or signature of (the representative of) the entity by which the paper was issued. "

I had K1 income well above the requirement, plus a little bit of W2 income from the same company. I didn’t submit a copy of my W-2 but submitted my 1040 as well, plus a cover letter stating that my income at my company (at which I am co-owner and one of many employees) as an executive was reported on the K1. Same as one person who was accepted so it’s quite disappointing.

Not really sure what to do. My W2 income is at my company doesn’t meet the threshold. We only pay me a small amount in w2 wages, so that the rest is distribution instead. I could reapply based on merit but that’s iffy and would take another full month.

The only thing I can think of is to submit the (non-qualifying) W2 along with a letter explaining it’s common to pay yourself minimum w2 wages for tax purposes.

I could also just give myself a new higher salary temporarily and submit a contract and/or paystub for that but it’d be dated as now which looks like bs

it’s common to pay yourself a minimum salary for tax purposes

This is probably not the kind of thing the ministry of labor wants to hear from applicants. Presumably the salary requirement and the need to submit tax withholding forms is to show that you’re likely to contribute a good amount of money to the government in the form of income taxes. So it’s easy to see why they would reject based on a low amount of taxable income

I’m no expert since my application is still being processed, but I had some success getting it moved along by calling the ministry of labor and talking through it. I’d recommend doing the same to see if there’s anything else you can provide

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well, pay yourself in January 1.92M salary and submit - if it’s your own company and you deem it is worth it. Problem solved.

I was actually prepared to add up Salary in December to meet that number (but in the end they approved my income from self employment - which of course was highly taxed - as up to 2020 I had been self employed and I could show that a) I paid a lot of taxes b) I paid the max contribution to the social healthcare/pension system ). Or better for others - pay yourself a high salary for a month - then use that to try it out. Be prepared to up the salary for the full year to high enough… I would actually support that they only accept a full year salary if you’re the company (part-)owner.

Maybe you misread some people above - and what they accepted was a W2 from self employed people? Or do they show their income on W1 - dunno how it works in the US…

I don’t think the “pay yourself for a month” thing works because they’ll probably want a contract or a tax statement. Especially since they’ve already seen that my w2 portion was lower, it’d be odd to suddenly and conveniently have a large salary.

I think what I’m going to do is explain that it’s standard practice for an owner/employee to have minimal w2 wages and the rest on the k1. There’s no way that someone in a management position at a successful company (with the annual revenue they can see) could otherwise be hired at a salary of 25k/yr or whatever it was. The market rate would be well over the threshold, and thus the K1 portion contains that.

I can also offer to provide a new contract stating a set w2 salary, but I think it’d be better to offer that rather than just doing it.