"Employment gold card" for some foreigners

I believe there was and still is a period of confusion regarding what “service relating to employment at an economic company or in an economic field” actually is (listed here: Field of Economy | Taiwan Gold Card). Previously, meeting the 160k/mo salary threshold appeared to be enough, but things changed post-pandemic.

I haven’t read whether employment at a company that is (or would be) regulated by the MOEA satisfies it. I believe there’ve been hints that the economic fields are supposed to be interpreted in light of the other ways of satisfying the “Field of Economy” listed on that website. The forthcoming clarity you mentioned will hopefully clear this up.

As a tip of advice from experience, it makes sense to figure out whether the work you’ll be doing aligns with the field that you apply for. The tax break only applies to income for work performed within the field that a Gold Card was granted under.

Hi, do you happen to have a source for this comment? I’d like to followup with the department that is providing this advice, since it appears to be incorrect.

I don’t think it’s right either. The exemption is for half the total income above 3 million NT

Yes, it’s in the “Application for Exemption from Income Tax for Foreign Special Professionals” found here: Reduction and Exemption of Income Tax of Foreign Special Professionals-財政部臺北國稅局. On the second page it states: “An employment contract or another supporting document showing the employment engaged in professional work is related to the recognized special expertise.”

That was the application I used to get the tax break applied to my 2020 taxes. I had to provide more documentation to the MOF than what was needed for my Gold Card approval.

Edit: I filed my taxes at the Taipei City tax bureau HQ. Also just checked and the language is verbatim here: Tax | Taiwan Gold Card

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Thank you! Looks like I might be wrong. Let me see if I can get some departments to talk with each other and sort out the confusion :slight_smile:

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I definitely understand the confusion regarding a) the Gold Card being an open work permit (allowing a person to work at any TW job) versus b) the tax break only being applicable to income for work related to a recognized expertise. I only had one employer for 2020, but it might be a tax nightmare for a hypothetical GC holder who works part of a year in a job unrelated to their GC field.

The rule, though, appears to be within the spirit of the program: trying to attract talent that actually applies that talent.

If you could nudge the departments to keep an eye out for 1) guiding GC applicants on how to claim overseas parents as dependents (I heard this varies widely by the income tax receiving office) and 2) offering incentives and/or insight on buying real property (with a TW mortgage), that’d be greatly appreciated.

No, I only had to submit my passport at my local TECO office.

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so your income from professional work in Taiwan was above 3 million?


cool. good for you. If you don’t mind telling, what kinda job do you have?

I submitted my passport on May 21, and since then I have not yet heard back anything from nia or see any update on my application. Is this delay because of the hold on visa applications until June 28? Any insight on this would be helpful!

It was announced the halt on visa processing will continue while Taiwan is in nationwide Level 3 epidemic alert.


It may be best to call the office you submitted your passport too.


What is the current status in gold card application portal?

I got moved to the passport submission step! I guess it means I got approved?!

Timeline so far:

  • 16/03 Submission under Science & Tech, “unique talents […] in AI, IoT, […]”, provided a CV and 2 patents on which I’m listed as an inventor (not sure they did any good)
  • 18/04 Request for a document proving my work experience, sent an employment certificate from my current employer of 5 years (a tech company)
  • 16/06 (today) Asked for submission of my passport at Paris’ bureau

Congratulations! Yes, very few people (if any) are rejected at this stage - you’ve passed the most time consuming and difficult part.

Unfortunately, you might find that Paris will not verify your passport until Level 3 covid restrictions in Taiwan end. So, another delay, but hopefully not too long. Best to contact them and find out how they want to handle it.

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I am also in this stage. I have one question. If the local ROC embassy agrees to accept the passport for verification, do you know if the application will get final approval or not? I guess, I can request the local ROC embassy to accept my passport, but if it is not approved then there is no actual benefit.

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I’d go as far as you can in the process, provided you don’t need your passport urgently :slight_smile: There is likely to be a backlog when processing restarts.

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Happy to share that, I got final approval. Processing status is “Completed” if I search by application number. But, now my application is not listed in the portal anymore. Is this normal?

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So you submitted your passport and the final stage of approval is complete? Just asking because I have been waiting for a while in my case.

yes - you will find the authorization pdf is available to you now