"Employment gold card" for some foreigners

Parents cannot get residency as dependents, though those of gold card holders can get longer visitor visas.

iiuc, there is no age restriction.

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Any idea about parents of spouse?

Hi All,

I’ve recently submitted my GC application from here in the UK. I work in tech and earn above the 160k TWD/per month required in order to qualify under the economy route.

Just a few questions:

  1. As I started my current role in October 2020, this falls between the financial tax years here in the UK, therefore my P60 states a salary less that what I’m actually on as it only accounts for 6 months or so of tax payed. Should this be a problem if I’ve also submitted all monthly payslips from my current employer ?

  2. My application is still under review by immigration, any estimates on how long this usually takes ?

  3. I’ve also attached my work contract, employment confirmation, salary confirmation (from employer), CV and technical certifications. Are there any other documents I may be asked for ?

If anyone can give insight into the above, I’d be highly appreciative.

Many Thanks

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Hey Guys!

Good news, I got the passport submission notice.

Here’s the timeline:

2021/6/23 - Submitted application
2021/6/29 - Asked to provide salary certificate
2021/6/29 - Provided employment verification letter with salary
2021/7/7 - Status: Review by the Workforce Development Agency
2021/7/12 - Asked by email to provide salary statements
2021/7/12 - Provided paystubs
2021/7/14 - Status: Consulting with Ministry of Science and Technology
2021/7/19 - Status: Review by the Workforce Development Agency
2021/7/21 - Status: Passport Inspection at the Bureau of Consular Affairs or Overseas Missions of R.O.C. (Taiwan)

I was almost sure it was going to happen soon, because there seems to be a pattern at least for S&T applicants, where you see Review by the WDA->Consulting with MS&T->Review by the WDA, just before the Passport submission status and email.


Figured I’d give an update:

I emailed them about this but they said they could not change my application. From the reply email:

The Workforce Development Agency (WDA) is currently consulting with the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA).
Unfortunately, at this point you cannot change your Field until your application is returned to you…

So now I wait some more. This application process certainly taught me some patience…

I noticed today that my application status has moved back to “Review by the Workforce Development Agency” so maybe some sort of actual update is imminent. We’ll see. :crossed_fingers:

Just picked up my card today. This was a long drawn out process. I applied under the salary requirement for economy at the end of February. I had to provide supplemental documents in April, mainly a signed letter from HR stating my salary and time with the company and then finally issued today.


Give it a couple days. If the next status moves to “Review by the National Immigration Agency”, then you might be in the clear. Otherwise, WDA will most likely kick it back to you here. Good luck!

For my passport verification at TECO overseas office, I was asked to bring passport, ARC approval letter and fee payment receipt. Does anyone know where to make the fee payment?


You were supposed to pay the fee when applying - and probably have already paid because otherwise your application wouldn’t have progressed.

Just download the payment receipt (somewhere hidden in the menu of the application portal).

Thanks much - I found it on the desktop website (the
Mobile website was more limited). I guessed the date of the payment since it was paid by my company’s immigration lawyer:

I had been hoping that with the move to level 2 restrictions passport verification at overseas missions would resume however it’s been postponed by another 2 weeks and sounds like it will remain postponed until at least level 2 restrictions are eased:

暫停繳驗護照suspension of passport verification
2021/07/26 ~ 2021/12/31
During the nationwide Level 2 epidemic alert from July 27 until 9 August, 2021, R.O.C. (Taiwan) overseas missions are halting the processing of visa applications(including passport verification of employment gold cards).

On the 9th August it will have been at least 10 weeks since they last verified passports at overseas missions, hopefully it will resume at that point although I’m doubtful given how many times it has been delayed already. I started my application in January and unfortunately at this point I have little hope that I’ll be able to enter Taiwan in 2021.

Finally got my application under Economy profession rejected this morning, which I was expecting. Re-applied under Science & Technology with the documents I had already prepared. Hopefully if this thread is any indication it is not unreasonable to expect a response or even an approval within the month, given that I definitely have all required documentation and am under the right category. But this process has also taught me to temper hopes :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s a bit strange that it reads that way, but they definitely verified my passport just last week. They wouldn’t accept my dependent visa applications though.

Edit: looks like it depends on the TECO office?

Cross-posting a question about NHI premiums, since I think this is particularly relevant for those of us who qualified under the salary criteria. Any tips on lowering NHI premiums? Or is it feasible to avoid becoming eligible just by leaving the country every few months?

Are you employed by company in Taiwan?
If not, they will charge $826/mo/person when you become eligible for NHI.

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I am in the same boat. TECO Toronto continues to not start with the passport inspection.

Is there any other way to get the passport inspected? ROC overseas (TECO Toronto) in my country is still not processing passport inspection requests. I submitted my passport etc on May 21 and it’s still at a halt. I found a job in Taiwan and a lot depends on the GC, I suppose I have to forget about it soon given the delays. Is there any person that I can contact?

FWIW, TECO Seattle is still doing passport inspections as of late last week and this week (I was told last Wednesday & Friday 7/23). I haven’t followed up today to make sure it was still the case.

I went to TECO Seattle today and was told to wait until further notice since the announcement is clear that no passport inspections for now. They had even confirmed my appointment on Friday for today but said they received the new notice this morning.

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Oof! Royal bummer. —Yeah, the notice is pretty explicit this time about passport inspections.