"Employment gold card" for some foreigners


? Why would you want to go from a TARC to an ARC? Isn’t TARC pretty much the best thing to have, since it leads to “citizenship” and is unconditional (no need to always have a job)? Also do you go to a company and go ‘well I have a TARC and an open work permit, but uh can you guys hook me up with an ARC anyway?’


Cos I had to give up my original citizenship and can’t progress to a Taiwan ID or a proper Taiwan passport for at least two years and have exit restrictions . Not good for me. I have one of the world’s more coveted passports already and I can travel anywhere with that. Most TARC holders must prove they relinquished their original citizenships within 1 to max 2 years. In the meantime they give you a shitty overseas Taiwan (with no Taiwan ID ) passport which you can’t travel to most countries on .

Lots of ARC holders have open work permit such as mine dependent on spouse . I could also apply APRC tomorrow but really not much difference. My kids are Taiwanese so I can qualify for an ARC through them too.

I will attempt to apply for Taiwan passport and ID through another less restrictive route.


Maybe , when the EU structures collapse , it will sway your decision to get a Taiwanese Passport . :blush:I jest Sir . In all seriousness , we are stuck with this unequal system of Dual passports , confused by Taiwan’s ambiguous Status in the World . I feel for you and your family but I see no short- term solutions . My hope is that the US makes a strong stand against anyone who would threaten Democracy and freedoms in Taiwan , and even recognizes Taiwan as a Country . However , as “ guests”, in effect , under the current system , we seem to have no option but to sit it out . :smirk:


“After an applicant is designated as a qualified foreign special professional, the Ministry of Labor will review his/her financial data in the next year, checking if the applicant meets the condition of holding a monthly salary of over NT $ 160,000”

Does this imply that someone on a 3 year Gold Card whose salary does not reach an average of NT $ 160,000 after the first year will get the card cancelled?

Or is it just a case of poor translation…


What does the Chinese version say?


Digress it a little!

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Just wanted to ask if the minimum salary still in the rule when applying for Gold Card?


Gold card rumours emerging from the Ministry of Science and Technology today. Those applying under Article 1 of the Foreign specialist personnel with special expertise in science & technology regulations (aka the “salary article”) can expect increased vetting. Basically, they appear to also want to prove that you personally have technical skills.

So, when submitting your application under the Science and Technology category, consider including a document or two to back your credibility beyond merely your salary. Could save you a couple of weeks :slight_smile:


A few posts up from here is the discussion where it says that they’ll review your financial data to make sure you’re earning at least 160k/month. So, more stringent than the standard minimum wage expectations.


Got a response from NIA on this. They’re aware that not supporting PDFs is an issue and are working to try and fix it but it’s hard because $reasons. I provided additional details about file size.


My prospective contract is not going to pass the standard and the gold card application.


Can someone clarify this? Does this mean that on the 2nd year of the employment gold card, we need to prove that we currently earn $160K or more per month in Taiwan? And the gold card will be terminated if we couldn’t?

Review of financial data: After an applicant is designated as a qualified foreign special professional, the Ministry of Labor will review his/her financial data in the next year, checking if the applicant meets the condition of holding a monthly salary of over NT$ 160,000, and it will be registered with administrative disposition when the financial data review is endorsed; if the review is not approved, the employment permit will be abolished or the extension of employment permit will be rejected.


Not sure, but that does sound different than fifieldt’s post above quoted below. Maybe the different agencies are still hashing all this stuff out.


Yes, I agree. We should ask for clarification.


Curious where you heard/saw this (if you are able to share your source). Good to know the unwritten requirements on top of what’s documented. :wink:


Hi all,

I received a couple of pings asking for contact information regarding the program. I’ve dumped what I know in this little article.

We don’t like bare links here though so …

In general, if you want “background” information - try to get to one of the workshops that have NIA, WDA or other department staff present (Contact Taiwan has these fairly regularly). Meet in person, build a relationship with your favourite official and you may be able to start getting personal opinions.

Not necessary though, since the official contacts are exceptionally helpful. Seriously - try them! They list a bunch of people who are motivated in seeing your application succeed - you get the feeling they are personally invested in this program turning out well.

I am personally applying for this program. However, since my continued residence is not dependent on a successful application, I’m able to approach this from a slightly different perspective. Essentially, that of being an early adopter with an aim to improve the program overall, rather than just getting an application pushed through. Fix the program, assist Taiwan … though, not having to go to the WDA in person is fairly excellent.


I just read this again – it looks like this only applies to people who qualify under Article 1 (the salary article) ? So anyone who applied under a different article doesn’t need to worry about losing their permit due to a lower salary.


Speedy immigration for gold card holders



Hi all! I’m a reporter for the Taipei Times and I’ve seen a number of complaints about the implementation of the “employment gold card” on social media and around the web. A lot of the confusion on this thread and elsewhere has to do with confusing language on the platform (https://coa.immigration.gov.tw/coa-frontend/four-in-one/entry) and the NDC’s website for the Act for the Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professional Talent. I would love to hear from anyone who is interested in going through the application process or has gone through it for a piece on Taiwan’s difficulties in attracting foreign talent. It seems like a logistical nightmare if you aren’t fluent in Chinese. Please reach out here: jlai3399@gmail.com!

ALSO, I’ve been in touch with a few ministry officials and they have told me that having a monthly salary of NT$160,000 and above is only ONE of several possible criteria a prospective applicant can meet in order to qualify for the gold card–except for lawyers and architects applying through the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Interior. Again, so much confusion due to poor communication. More to come in my article! Looking forward to hearing from some of you.


Great article about the application process. Please see my post below! I would love to talk.