"Employment gold card" for some foreigners


Interesting article…


yes, @julianna_ttreporter was asking a while ago to discuss this with members here.
A nice report. Kudos to her.
Funniest part was reading how her and a foreigner tried calling government offices, but nearly all people on the other end (bless their bureaucratic heart) could not speak english - an audience for which this “gold card” is probably mostly for (notwithstanding all those who can speak chinese who deserve a gold card, too)


The gold card is actually a fantastic innovation and it seems to be quite easy to qualify for professionals with relevant experience.

I am sure they would be mobbed with applications if such a visa existed in many countries but Taiwan is just not very attractive to work in due to lack of international companies and low salaries and the need for Chinese here in many local jobs is obviously limiting.

Lots of people are getting a negative impression about Taiwan and China relations and being able to do business from here recently , it’s also not helping .

Good write up !


Yes I agree, it’s a great start but if the overall work environment and salaries don’t improve in tandem, you’d just end up attracting people here only for them to leave in three years time when their gold card expires.


What the politicians may not realize, cuz their ostrich heads are stuck too far in their holes (you can choose which hole), is that whichever party finally passes the law to allow foreign spouses to obtain ROC citizenship WITHOUT having to give up their birth country’s passport/citizenship, then that party would get a huge chunk of a voter bloc for the next generation or two or three. I’d be a part of that base. But… stay in your holes, you pols…


I’m confused about one thing though…

“Foreign special professionals are able to apply for “Employment Gold Card”, which is more convenient for foreigners to transfer work or seek jobs; the term of such work permits have been expanded from 3 years to 5 years.”

The maximum duration of the gold card that one can apply for is 3 years - so the gold card is valid for 3 years but they get a 5 year work permit?


Probably just a 3 year work permit.

Article 7 of the Act allows “up to 5 year” work permits. Article 8 says the Gold Card (“a four-in-one … Card that combines work permit…”) is valid for a duration for one to three years.

In theory, you (eg a company) can apply for a work permit for a Foreign Special Professional outside the Gold Card system. That’d be where you’d get a 5 year work permit.



That makes sense - thanks for the clarification!

FYI - for those currently on an ARC who have applied for the gold card, please make sure that the ARC number on your new gold card is the same as your previous ARC number.

Mine wasn’t at first and it took many, many calls to sort out. Based on what the NIA told me, I actually had two valid ARC’s at the same time… not so much of an issue now, but if I hadn’t called to confirm and let my old ARC expire and continued on the gold card, my residency would not be considered continuous since I would be on a different ARC number and I likely wouldn’t qualify for an APRC when I hit the 5 year mark.


That is scary! Thanks for the heads up.


Yes it was, but I’m glad I managed to fix this before I get a nasty surprise in a couple of years time when I try to apply for an APRC. I suppose you could probably bring your passport and prove that these two ARCs belong to the same person and the durations overlap therefore it is technically continuous but that would be fairly iffy…

Just to put on record, the NIA staff were extremely helpful throughout the entire process - perhaps because no one had encountered this issue before they weren’t quite sure of how to deal with and resolve it.

In any case it is still a hassle to have to keep calling to explain so for those applying please check the first time.


I think I read on some government site that if you apply and get a gold card while you have an ARC, your ARC shall be canceled, and vice versa.


Yes you are correct - based on what I understand from the NIA, if you have an existing ARC and you apply for the gold card, they will cancel your ARC but the ARC number should be carried forward to the gold card.

If for some reason they overlooked that and your gold card has a brand new number that is different from your previous ARC, something is wrong and that’s not supposed to happen.


The very nice NIA lady did say when I asked that the gold card is still an ARC, just a “higher level” ARC haha :joy:


Hi all,

If you’re getting your passport vetted at Taipei’s BOCA/MOFA office, here’s a quick howto. (Don’t worry, the ‘pinball’ method - shuffling between volunteers - works well too).

  1. BOCA is open between 08:30 to 17:00 here: https://goo.gl/maps/mFt8PBMCGnD2 (a few blocks from Shandao Temple Station, Exit 2)
  2. Enter the big pink building and go directly up the escalators to level 3
  3. On 3F, ignore the ticket machine immediately in front of you and turn right and right again to be at the “Authentication” area
  4. In the middle of the area, around counter 30, grab a ticket (if there is a problem, ask for help at the end counter - counter 28)
  5. Go to the designated counter when your number is up, surrender your passport and online application document, provide any details on upcoming travel, and receive your receipt.

Repeat the process 7 days later to swap the receipt for your passport and move to the next step of the application.


Folks, I’m happy to report receipt of a gold card :slight_smile: Many thanks to all on the thread who provided the wonderful information - couldn’t have done it without you.


Congratulations!!! Your posts and updates on this matter have been much appreciated!



Congrats! You are one of only 54 special foreigners!



OK, given that I am unable to apply from abroad, can anyone estimate how long I would need to get an application through if I were physically present in Taiwan? Is it possible to do this in Taiwan even though one is not a resident and would have no fixed address (well, I could borrow a friend’s I guess)?


Applying from overseas or from within Taiwan is the same process. It differs only in which unit verifies your passport (TECO or BOCA), and overseas applicants have the option of picking up their ARC from TECO.

An address is not required to apply.

A perfect application takes 30 days, if your supporting documents are accepted the first time around. If you are asked for tweaks to your supporting documents, expect 50-60 days.


Well then I’m screwed. I can’t do the online application because their Web site doesn’t consider people who’ve worked prior to 2008, and I can’t stick around in Taiwan for (potentially) two months. Even 30 days would be difficult and there would be no guarantee it would actually be 30 days.